Sprinkler offline

Hey guys,

I’ve been using the sprinkler happily until a few days ago when it went offline and I cannot get it back on.

I attached the screenshot that I get everytime I open the sprinkler UI.

Please help!

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Bump. Anyone?

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I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues! Is the device still powered on? If it remains offline please press and hold the reset button on the back to have it enter pairing mode again. Please also confirm that your WiFi signal is strong at the desired mounting location (you can just look at your phone WiFi bars). Let us know if this helps!


It did, thank you Mike!

I have the same issue with the sprinkler controller. I was a beta tester, and it was working fine since October and last week it t went offline. All attempts to reconnect the controller have failed. WYZE support was helpful in trying to assist me but to no avail. It’s not my WIFI as all other WYZE devices are connected and have a very strong signal. Any suggestions?

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I have the same problem, Wyze even sent me a new one. But still getting disconnected. I bought a new wifi extension and tried to scan using the app RouteThis to test the area of sprinkler and it still says strong signal even though the sprinkler keeps dropping connection. The camera in the area works totally fine