CamPlus not working - BAD FIRMWARE

All working on our end

Thanks. Do you have the V3 latest release

What is AWS?

Yes I have the latest firmware.

And AWS is Amazon web services where Wyze hosts their platform.

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Yes all cams at 12 sites are current aws is Amazon web service.

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AWS=Amazon Web Service

Looks like mine started working again sometime late last night/early this morning 12/22.

Same here.

This whole thing may have been my fault. I bought and installed a new floodlight a couple of days before. Anytime I adopt a new technology there is some sort of unexplainable weird problem.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

I came here looking for answers with the same issue. Updated my v2 cameras yesterday to and now they will not sense people or anything but motion even when I’m standing right in front of it. I’ve gone through all the settings and everything.

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I’m having the same issue with all my seven cameras.

Mine have seemed to recover for the most part. Still have some oddities though. AI events record but don’t notify, version 1 contact sensors don’t record smart video sheets alerts.

Wyze still has a hold on the newest firmware for v2 cams so there is still an issue our there.

Has to be an issue related to AWS issue they had and the firmware.

My Cam Plus notifications for person detection have stopped on one of my Wyze V3’s. Other v3 seems to be working fine as well as my v2s.
Notifications are set up and instead of person detection I just get motion.
When I turn off Cam plus (remove license) and use the legacy person detection that works fine be it I only get 12 seconds.

Have done the normal remove license add license power down etc. I have also flashed the latest firmware to see if that would help but nothing. Camera is outdoors at height so not the easiest to access.

@Wyze needs to be looked in to further and sorted please. I will when I get the time get the ladder out and see if I can flash an older version of the firmware.

Agreed. I’m still having odd issues among several cameras. Some don’t detect AI events, others do but very delayed.

Mine have all stopped CamPlus detections again. All I have working are the generic motion. Oddly the doorbells CamPlus detections are still working.

My V3 hasn’t worked reliably with Cam Plus since 11/3. i’ve tried all the options, and contacted support, and done all the options 3 times. I’ve submitted logs, and keep telling them in the UI that there’s a vehicle, or person, or pet in the video and no help.

I’ll try support again after the new year, but I’m due for a couple extra months of CP (for free)

Ive been having the same problems the past 2 days. Glad to see im not the only one. I have cleared app cache, logged out and back in several times. Ive also remove CamPlus licenses and reapplied them. Nothing works. I have tons of “motion” flagged notifications. But none for person, package, vehicle, or pet. My dogs and cats are setting it off all day and i get the videos, but just says motion. Heck FedEx came and pulled in my drive and walked up to the door and left a package. 3 cameras cover that area and all just said motion. There has to be an issue in the cloud services on AI detection.

I just looked at ours and in my event I’m getting,pet,person,vehicle is showing up on our v2,v3,wireless outdoor cameras

So Wyze want to replace my V3 camera which is not great as I live in the UK and they will not ship here. I have passed on the two forum posts that I an am aware of.

See what they say next.

I may remove the beta App also. Had only recently joined. Although I do have the standard app installed on another phone which also did not get any notifications/detections

So update from Wyze. The Wyze wizards (3rd one on ticket) will be closing my ticket as they have gone through everything they can, even though they would of know that has they read my ticket and updates to it.
It will be escalated to “higher escalations and engineers” who will provide an ETA to review the logs as the Customer support do not follow or provide support, Im not quite sure why I pay for Cam Plus at the moment and who knows how my issue will be tracked and if I will get an update. Hopefully someone else is having more luck then me.

Also Wyze avoid the fact I point out the forum posts.