CamPlus not working - BAD FIRMWARE

As of 12/21/21 none of my 6 cameras (mix of V2 and V3) are recording any CamPlus events. If I go to the events tab of the app, the last CamPlus event was last night. I’ve tested the cameras by walking past. They record a motion event but no AI events are triggered. Nothing has been changed in the app.

Anyone else having this? All my cameras are licensed for CamPlus.


Welcome to the Community @tfelmly ,

I am not experiencing the issues you are reporting. In the past when this happned to me, I found going into the settings for the affected devices and resetting the Detection Settings and then Notifications Settings corrected it. This is easy enough to test, select two affected Camera’s and do the following:

  • Go to the Camera and Live Stream
  • Go to the Settings area and start with Event Recording, go into Cam Plus, turn all off and back out, it is critical to back out as that seems to commit the changes.
  • Go Back into Cam Plus and check what you would like to be notified on again and back out as well.
  • Then I would do the same on Notifications turn off Wyze AI and back out, then go back and turn it on again.

This may work, at least it is something to try.

I am having the same issue. My doorbells are the only ones that seem to still be aware that CamPlus is active on them.

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I’ve just completed all these steps for my cameras. I’ll keep an eye on it.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately this made no difference. All events are being recorded as just motion. I’ve also noticed that a V1 door sensor is only recording one camera (sensor videos) when it should be recording two.

Thanks for the update, Crazymick, At least it’s just not me. I know to always check this site and when having issues with Wyze. Didn’t see anything this time though.

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Something I’ve noticed…my cams updated their firmware last night to

I pulled out a spare V2 cam which has on it and CamPlus works fine. I’ve tried to update the firmware on this one but it says it is up to date. Would like to see if the new FW breaks CamPlus.

EDIT - Looks like Wyze pulled the FW. Guess there is a problem with it.

“Note: This release is paused while we investigate an AI bug. We apologize for the inconvenience.*”

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Mine are all V3s (Qty 8) with The CamPlus detections aren’t working for any of them.

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Yeah I have two V3 which don’t seem to be working either. Not as much AI motion on those but didn’t seem to capture anything over the past day. May be a larger issue than the known FW issue.

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I get far less AI person notifications than before the AWS outage. Seems they lost their AI identification database?

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All working on our end

Thanks. Do you have the V3 latest release

What is AWS?

Yes I have the latest firmware.

And AWS is Amazon web services where Wyze hosts their platform.

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Yes all cams at 12 sites are current aws is Amazon web service.

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AWS=Amazon Web Service

Looks like mine started working again sometime late last night/early this morning 12/22.

Same here.

This whole thing may have been my fault. I bought and installed a new floodlight a couple of days before. Anytime I adopt a new technology there is some sort of unexplainable weird problem.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

I came here looking for answers with the same issue. Updated my v2 cameras yesterday to and now they will not sense people or anything but motion even when I’m standing right in front of it. I’ve gone through all the settings and everything.

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I’m having the same issue with all my seven cameras.