CamPlus not recording events for months

Only 3 of my 10+ Wyze cams (mix of v2 and v3) are recording events. I didn’t even realize they weren’t recording until we were burglarized and the cameras recording nothing!

I’ve reached out to support over this multiple times, they refunded my CamPlus subscription and told me they can’t assist.

I signed up for CamPlus again, but still most cams are still not recording any events. This happens on latest firmwares, including betas. After a firmware update some cameras might start working, but others stop.

I’ve submitted a ton of logs but when I report them to support they tell me they don’t even have the ability to view the logs.

For reference, all cams were working perfectly for year+ and just stopped working correctly.

Sorry to hear about the burglary. Do you use SD cards in the cameras? If not, you should. They will record whether or not CamPlus triggers, especially if you set the camera to continuous recording mode. There seem to be many posts about issues with CamPlus lately. At least with an SD card, you would have video.

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This does not sound good, and it seems you’re doing everything right, proper channels, etc. I have no suggestions but am curious as to what happens.

Check the settings for those cameras to make sure they are set up to detect events and send them. Easiest is to compare a working camera with a non-working camera (two phones makes that really easy).