How many people seeing CamPlus Events are only still pictures

Support log submitted. Unable to view clips of events for most cameras on CamPlus subscriptions for many weeks now, just keep submitting logs. Luckily there is no incident or emergency that need to have the clips pulled or review YET.

We have both v2, v3 cameras.

Is there a settings that we should change? Current Wifi 2.4ghz on WPA2, AES. Should we adjust wifi to TKIP or go down to WPA1?


I would not adjust your security. Yours is similar to mine. When used to get those, I would remove the power from the camera. wait about 15 seconds and then plug it back in. Once it is fully up, trigger an alarm and see if it is viewable.

Can you pose the following as well:

  • App Version and Device you are using
  • Firmware version of the affected Camera’s. Please include the Camera type
  • Do you have an SD Card in the Camera. If so, is it set for Event or Continuous recording?


Both Android & iPhones. Latest version (Always Auto-updates settings on all phones).
Latest firmwares on Wyze cams, on V2s, on V3s

While all are on CamPlus. Those V2, V3s didn’t have SD cards in them. Didn’t expect CamPlus to stop working.


It should not stop working, unless there is an Amazon issue. I ask about the SD Card as I have had issues in the past and formatting the cards seemed to correct it as well.

I will research some and see what is up.

Can you remove the power and then connect it back again. This has also resolved my issues in the past.

I would have him/her re boot there router,and sign out of the app then back in

Definitely something to try. Logging out may be better or clearing the Cache as well.

Yes clean it as well

Same thing happens to me once in a while. Nothing new. All my cams have been malfunctioning on and off for well over a month now.