As Seen On Security Cameras

“35 People Who Watch Security Cameras For A Living Reveal What Weird Things They’ve Seen‘

Some very interesting stories on this link.

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Anyone care to share what interesting things you’ve seen on your camera(s)?

I just recently recorded my 16yo daughter T-bone / back right into my neighbor’s truck in our culdesac :man_facepalming: Neighbor was excited when I showed him the video. He didn’t realize my Floodlight Pro was a camera and was actually glad that our little culdesac is covered just in case something happens.

This thread is a video of my cat panicking in a hail storm at our last house:

I caught a video of my toddler tripping and falling into our swimming pool before she could swim. Luckily I was right next to her when it happened, so I got her out right away (we have a fence, so she was only allowed near the pool because I was already nearby for just this reason). (No I will not post that video)

My cameras helped with a bird-murder mystery:

While not a Wyze video, that thread also has a cool video about the moment I tell my then pre-teen or lower teen daughter her long lost Tuxedo cat is still alive.

IDK, a lot of the “interesting” videos I capture are mostly personal/family videos. I got my oldest daughter as a pre-teen saying she “knows all of English” already, and I don’t let her live that down to this day. Any time she doesn’t know a word, I exclaim in mock surprise “WHAT!!! I thought you know ALL of English!!!” :rofl: Poor girl…mean dad.

Oh, my daughter played Fortnite on my old computer and accidentally clicked a screen record button while she played. So then months later I played the recording and pretended I was using the keyboard and mouse when she entered the room and watched. She started criticizing me about how horrible I am and how she would never do that and that I don’t know what I’m doing, and how she wouldn’t have missed that shot and all sorts of trash talk. I totally kept setting her up and asking clarifying questions, knowing this was all being caught on camera. Then suddenly the video ended and she was all confused for a second until she realized it was all a recording of her playing and she’d been attacking herself the ENTIRE TIME! :rofl: That one is so classic.

IDK, I probably have a lot that I am just not thinking of right now.

All I know is that I have 4+ cats and 50 Wyze cams, and somehow @Antonius still has more cat videos than me. :joy_cat:


I saw a woman with a voluminous skirt walking a dog on a windy day and the skirt swirled like a flag and it was awesome. :saluting_face:


This was a fun read. I didn’t go read through the original topic, but I suspected early on that the “murder-mystery” was more of a “suicide-setup”. Strong work.

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Here is Marilyn Monroe’s flag.

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Number 3 made me lough the most :rofl:

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That’s a flag of a different color. :wink:

All I can tell you is that it was achingly feminine, all things aligning for a moment or two in the course of a regular day.

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