Caught something weird on cam

Not sure what this is but definitely trippy

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insect, close to lens and illuminated by IR leds

Edit: Or an inter-dimesional time traveler from last year around the end of September :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Yup. Insect.

Spiders are fun too!


Definitely don’t have an ir lens. I was cleaning up photos from the wyze folder and noticed this pic from last year. Still not sure what it is but it was an auto record from a previous setting. Nonetheless had to post. Spiders are my fave btw. I’ll take a black widow any day.

Better read the specifications, ALL Wyze Cams Have IR illumination and an IR cut filter that switches in and out hence the click noise when the cam switches to “Night Vision”


That’s an awesome pic, looks like a genie in a lamp coming out. :slight_smile:

It does look like the light is coming from one location


I’ll let you have this Black Window but you have to scrape it off the side of my house. :grin:


ALL?! well hot dang, guess that solves that!

It really does. Guess I’ll never know what it was but thanks for the input, fellas. It’s been real!

The curvature of the mystery image leads me to think a wing of an insect most likely a moth by the shape

Who you gonna call?

I have Black Flag on speed dial! :skull::spider: Just need to get the ladder back out to spray again.

Pretty cool. Sometimes car lights outside will make interesting illusions inside through the windows.

I know, huh! :slight_smile:

We used to have this free form linoleum pattern on the bathroom floor that during extended sessions I liked to pick out figures from. Sort of a less appealing (to the general reader) version of cloud gazing as a kid.

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Egads! Terrifying! :smile:

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Honestly, we could start an Arachnids Only thread in Captured on Wyze and it would probably break the servers.

I only spray near the cams to try to keep them from webbing up my field, but we need them to keep the winged demons at bay.