Strange objects. UFO or insects of some sort?

My back patio wyzecam capture this on one evening in IR mode. What do you think this is ?

Some bug.


Spider descending on web strand.

Looks like a spider to me. We have an abundance of them here, living on a lake.

I have something similar to the above though mine isn’t insects or reflections (which it appears the above is). Location Palm Springs on Aug. 5th at about 0330. I can’t upload the video cause the forum won’t allow it.

It keeps saying new users can’t upload. When is one no longer a “new user”?

FYI I have 6 Wyzecams and have been using them for about 2 years.

To me it looks like it possibly could be a orb. It is very hard to say without seeing the area.
That is very interesting I love it. Have You tried to download it to a laptop So you can see a larger screen and you can do slow motion and maybe you can see something flying around as a Alien or a bug lol good luck

Thanks for your interest. I think awlabrador and raver14 got this right and this is the result of a spider and its web. I think the IR sensor sort of distorts what we are actually seeing. I do have lots of spiders were this wyzecam is located which along with the IR sensor probably created this strange effect. Seeing this video on my laptop did not add anymore information.

Still can’t upload my vids. However, I checked my recordings again 2 nights later and there was clearly a web reflecting the IR lights. It looked different but it’s definitely the most likely explanation.

Yep, it’s a spider!

Nope, its 100% a UFO.

That’s what I said it was a spider navigating a UFO :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I admit it, I was out for a stroll last night, and well, I may have had one… okay seven too many. Did not mean to freak everyone out. My bad.