WTH is this

What? The car or the bug going up and down?


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I see what looks like a vehicle passing by on a street. Then I see the typical dust/pollen or small insects flying in front of the camera’s IR lights. Is there something else?


Aside from the areas pointed out already. Sounds like a dog bark, then some road noise/TV/or people talking inside. Also a spider web in the mid left bottom of the frame.

On the bottom left it appears to be a line with two light dots connected that moves out of view and back into view, it took me a few times to actually see it. The motion box never picked it up

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Spider web, looks like it is on the flower pot.


@R.Good nailed it correctly. It is a spider web waving in the air. I see them on my cams frequently.

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I do as well… even funnier when it’s just a single strand floating by, like the spider just kinda burped one out and it floats right past the cam.

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It actually resembles something I’ve been trying to identify on mine. I have two V3 cameras and one V2 trained on my front yard, and one of the V3 cameras always seems to show artifacts that make it feel like I’m flying through space. To see what could be there, I’ve stood next to it countless times while simultaneously viewing on my phone app, waved my hand in front of it, wiped it, and I swear there are no webs or bugs around when it’s happening.

In the video, the camera in question is “Bird Cam” on the bottom. In the “Front Yard” camera on top, you can see the area where the Bird Cam is because it’s lit up from the IR.

Very weird.

Weird playback for me - it keeps jumping to the 5 second mark.

Rate of speed, they look like bugs to me. Unless it was windy, then pollen?

I stood right there a few times with a flashlight and never saw anything – that video was from winter, so definitely no bugs around and likely no pollen (and it wasn’t snowing or anything). And the specks go in all directions – top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right, right to left, straight into the camera, etc., so you’d think if something was blowing, it’d look a little more uniform. It’s just freaking weird. Maybe the Wyze cameras have neutrino detectors built in or something.