Deputies quietly go through my yard

…to get to the neighbor’s place to catch someone. This was aometime last week. I made this a private video.
I also captured them on the other Wyze cams coming into driveway and walking around the back but I didn’t want to show their faces that were in view.


Interesting. Good to be aware of your surroundings! :slight_smile:

I had something similar happen a few years ago, and the coincidence of me looking at the camera at that exact same time was nothing short of amazing.

I woke up. My phone was next to me, so I grabbed it to call up the cameras to see how nice a day it was. The top camera in the vertical group is my front yard camera. It looks out the front garage window. Just as I am calling it up, a police SUV pulls into view at the curb, and stops. I think what’s that about? A police officer immediately exits the vehicle WITH A RIFLE IN HAND.

Now, I live in a suburb where I’ve never heard of anything happening. THE OFFICER RUNS ACROSS MY FRONT YARD TO JUST BELOW THE CAMERA. I say OMG, and get out of bed and quickly put my pants on. I run to the front door and unlock it so they don’t have to bash it in. It’s a brand-new door I just had installed, lol.

What I’m thinking is someone swatted me. I run back to the phone and look at all my cameras, and I can’t find anyone anywhere. Even the car is gone. What…? I summon the courage to exit the front door, afraid I might get shot in the process. No one in sight.

Walking to the curb, I see they are at the house next door. I had giant 8’ tall bushes in front of my garage, so the officer used them as cover while he looked at that house. He didn’t see much, so he went back to the vehicle and moved it further up. Backup for him was here by then.

They had a report of a someone threatening with a gun at that house. New neighbors. They had a kid, and the kid had the gun. It all got resolved peacefully, but scared me to death, lol.

I have since removed those bushes. They were a pain to trim anyway, lol. :wink:


Priorities. :upside_down_face:


Wow! The beginning is similar. I live in a very small house. When I sit in my easy chair next to the bird feeding (table) window, I can also see out the window of my guest bedroom, which is off the living room. I can actually see avery room in the house if I stand in the middle of the living room, haha. Anyway, I was in the living room and just happened to look out the guest room window and saw them parking. I quickly got dressed and went to the back porch and said hello. They quietly said they were sneaking up on the next door home and kept going. On the way back we talked for a few minutes. They said they were looking for so-n-so (friend of my neighbor), couldnt find him and gave me a card in case I saw certain car. Shortly after, I texted and said my neighbor came home yelled at someone and left again, but not in the car they were looking for. He thanked me and said they had just caught him. They’re the inky neighbors that get regular “visits”.


My meowing cat client still swears he was just trying to give the birds a high five and eat some birdseed. Whoever called the cops on the furry guy was exaggerating the events in question.


A few years ago I was about to head out the front door with the dog to go get the mail at the box several houses down. I opened the door to see a couple of uniformed officers across the street with handguns drawn and moving from my right to my left toward the driveway opposite ours. I said, “Nope!” Then I closed the door and pulled up the (non-Wyze) camera on the living room TV.

Apparently there was some kind of domestic dispute that escalated, and they ended up cuffing a guy and then saw that we had an exterior camera pointed in that direction, so we saw them approach the house and then reviewed the footage with them when they came in. They wanted to see what happened before they were on scene and then wrote down a case number for me so I could burn them a CD and take it to their substation. That was the last I heard about that incident.


Did you see anything in your camera recordings?




Wow. Kinda like watching it live on tv without the news stations. I should ask the deputy if he wants the footage haha.


Yeah, which is why the police wanted a copy. It wasn’t much, because this camera was installed by the previous homeowner and is angled to capture this house’s driveway, but it also catches the driveway across the street and part of the adjacent front yard of that house. It didn’t record all the action, because some of what happened was out of view, but it showed the guy they eventually apprehended driving up to the house quickly, aggressively backing his truck into the driveway to block the car that was already parked there, and then picking something up from a flower bed adjacent to the sidewalk and using it to bash at the side of the parked car. Then there was apparently some stuff off camera.

I don’t remember the whole thing—it was a few years ago—but I kept an archived copy of the video, just in case.

I think the guy who rents the house stayed indoors for a good chunk of the event and was the one who called the police.

Yeah, it was kinda like that. It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen police approach a house with firearms drawn, but it was the first time I’ve been close enough to see that and also to hear them shouting commands at someone in an authoritative manner. These guys were not quiet at all. Unfortunately, the cameras in question don’t have any audio recording capability.


@AnnWithAPlan , and for others that are unsure. My unsolicited two-cents, from experience. There are two things that you can depend on about cops: 1) They are not your friend and they are not here to help you. 2) Anytime the police don’t have something on you, they are working to have something on you. So, Don’t Talk to The Police. There are two things you do not have to do for the police. Both of them are: Do Not Talk to the Police.

If they come to your door, don’t open it. Don’t give them a chance to put their foot on your door threshold, cause you can’t get them out. Chances are they were looking for someone, and will try to gain entry to “look around”. Don’t answer the door, just be quiet. If they do know you are there, don’t open the door. You can talk through the door. If they don’t like that, tell’em to come back with an arrest warrant (not a search warrant). And don’t tell them your name. If they want to know, let them figure it out. You do not have to help them with their investigation. Be safe.


I expect no one will touch this so I’ll just graze it. There. Grazed. :slight_smile:

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Not on this forum, not even in the Watercooler. :roll_eyes:

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I have only read " get out of bed and quickly put my pants on. "
And the last sentence.

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To me it looks like they are looking for someone
As their hands seem to be also staying close to their guns

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Yeah, they said they were looking for someone who was supposed to be at the neighbor’s home. They caught up with him 15 min later down the road. Most of them are druggies. But the guy who lives there has supposedly been staying clean. He’s a nice guy and will help anyone, but his friends can’t be trusted.

Your cameras get to run multiple uses then!
Probably in this order:

  • Primary priority use: Capturing videos of my lovely cool clients… :joy_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:
  • Secondary use = bird watching :bird:
  • Third use: Deliveries
  • Fourth: Protection from suspicious characters who might come near your house or not be in their right mind at the time
  • Fifth: My clients again because they are just that cool they make the list twice :sunglasses: :cat2:
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Yup, you put them in the right order, too. I even have a cam aimed down towards the ground by the bird feeding station that will catch your clients hanging around it. Ugh, just today, I had no running water and went out to the pumphouse to investigate. The switch was turned off. Some things inside were tossed about and then I found a cat laying on a shelf. I think it went inside when I left the door open, but that was a few days ago! It probably knocked the stuff over and in the process, jumped or fell on the switch.

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I would have trespassed them off my property immediately. This drives me bonkers that they think this is OK and acceptable - and legal. But it’s been determined they have no requirement to know the law. This is just completely unacceptable and illegal to be within the chattel of a domicile without a warrant or permission. If you just walked across any of those cops yards, they would lose their mind.