All of my V3 CAM PLUS cameras have stuttering event playback when not recording sound

I would start by clicking the little HEART icon where I posted it, but I think once WyzeJasonJ compiles the list, we can do something too.

I gave it a “heart”. Thanks for throwing it back on the list. As mentioned, it took 16 months for WYZE to recognize the issue and listen to those of us reporting the issue. I personally suspect it will take at least that long for WYZE to fix it. As we all know, it took them over 3 years to fix a security issue that was handed to them on a silver platter.

My faith in WYZE is gone and will likely never be restored at this rate. With that said, I continue to use their products. I even bought another v3 recently when they were on sale for $25. It remains in the box as I do not have use for another camera at this time.


This was actually still on the list and will continue to receive weekly updates, last weeks update

It will not be removed from the list until it is confirmed as fixed. It is currently being worked into an upcoming firmware release.


Thanks for the update. :slightly_smiling_face:


Has anyone else noticed that the stuttering has gotten worse with the latest app update 2.50.0(437)?

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Hi - I’ve been fighting this issue with WYZE for over a year. I don’t update anything anymore from them. Love their hardware but their support sucks. It didn’t use to be that way.

I record sound now just to get decent event video. How hard would it be to have a control to turn the mic off?!?

If I didn’t have a significant investment with WYZE I would replace them…

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Hmm, I cannot say that I noticed any difference. It seems just as bad as it always has been. I just view everything at 4x these days. It plays relatively smooth that way, but it still sucks.

Just another 14 moths to wait and they should have it fixed. LOL! I’m still waiting for them to support WPA3 on a v2 camera. Back in July of 2021 or was it 2022 they said it was supported. WYZE support is hands down the worst of any vendor that I do business with.

If it was not for this forum and user community I would have dumped WYZE back in the WCO v1 days. Back then I was working with a founder via this forum to troubleshoot that nightmare of a product. I finally gave up on the WCO v1 and swore I would never buy another WYZE product that relies on a WiFi hub.

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This post was a AMAZING for resolving the playback stuttering issue on one of my V3s. The problem began a few days ago after I tinkered with my settings, but I couldn’t pinpoint what I had changed.

After reading this post, I turned on the sound, but the stuttering persisted. Then, I discovered there was another place to enable sound. Once I did that, the issue was completely resolved.

A huge thanks to this post, the thread, and the amazing community!


Glad you found the post helpful. Thanks for your comment and have a great day. WYZE talks a great game that once an issue hits the fix it Friday list it will be resolved. We are several months out from this issue making that list and the issue remains.

Like my Grandfather (RIP) used to say, “Crap in one hand and wish in the other. Tell me, which one fills up first?”