All of my 2019 white bulbs can not be programed with the Wyse app

I cannot see getting anything in return once I submit the form. On the chance I could be wrong and out of curiosity, I will submit the request.

cc: @carverofchoice , @notterson

Well I submitted my information for a replacement or gift card to Support. Maybe the replacement is a new model of bulb or maybe $5 each bulb?

Luckily, I had both receipts. One on Wyze and the other on Amazon. I also was luckily to pull off the MAC addresses from the QR Code on each bulb. The form asks for info from the device info on the app, but I can’t add the bulb to have that data there. There was no option to fix my existing bulbs.

I am expecting an answer back like…

Oh, they are no longer in warranty. Sorry. Have a nice day.

It would be nice to be proven wrong.

That’s kind of weird. It should’ve been obvious to them from the start of the conversation that they weren’t under warranty since it was a 2019 bulb. Why would they even bother asking for all that information?

I had assumed they were going to do something similar to what they did for some people with V1 sensors even when they were out of warranty where they still offered a a small store credit. I had assumed this was just them being nice since the app setup issue seems to be an app issue, not a hardware issue.

I am sure they will eventually resolve it like they have a few other times in the past. Just need a few more people to report the issue and they’ll likely include a fix in another app update as we’ve seen before.

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Just as I thought. Complete waste of time. Good thing I am retired. :laughing:

Guess I will toss these in a drawer somewhere.

I plan to buy a Kasa two-pack as was suggested.

Here is the reply, as expected…



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I should have checked. I had a strong feeling.

Does Wyze make a :crystal_ball:?

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I guess the health sensor thing, the watch? The band? The leak predictor?

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I was having no luck getting my older 2019 ver. of the white bulbs to connect to my wi-fi after a SSID change. Saw that this was a common problem with the older ones but the newer ones that use Bluetooth seem to work better. Wyze was having a sale on the white bulbs last year (10/23) so I picked up a new set of 4. Wouldn’t you know it but what I got shipped was a set of the older 2019 bulbs. Yeesh.
Now I have 8 useless bulbs. :roll_eyes:


Man, that plain sucks. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I bought 4 mid-Nov 2023 and (looks like luckily) got the Wyze Bulb White (v2).

Here’s a little ‘legend’ topic for those unaware:


Ouch. That isn’t fair. At least I got to use mine for quite some time.

I hope they regression test and fix this issue. I tossed my 2019 bulbs in a drawer and ordered two smart bulbs from Kasa.


Yeah, it does hurt a little.
Initially I bought the color bulbs to replace the 2019 white ones, as they are also Bluetooth, but when the 4-pack white went on sale I thought it would get me back to normal function.
If they in fact have a three-year warranty maybe I can get them replaced?
Anyone care to guess how long that will take? :grimacing:

They will probably give you new 2019 bulbs as replacements. :laughing:

Good luck.

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Thanks all for discussing this issue which I am also having. I submitted a ticket on May 24, 2024 but no word on a status. When I was trying to add I was receiving a prompt to add my camera to a CamPlus subscription which is confusing because I was adding a light. It appears they fixed this issue because that prompt has been removed. Now when I try, it says my light was added to Alexa but appears offline on the Wyze and Alexa apps.

Anyway, I have some extra Meross (I think) smart plugs that I bought and never returned. I’ll program those for the lamps that have Wyze bulbs. Hopefully, they fix the bug with the next update.

Thanks again!!

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Support asked me to submit a list of the bulbs’ info. And said I was due a refund. When I searched for receipts and sent the info back, they said warrantly expired. They should update their script to ask purchase date first.

They have a three-year warranty. Good luck. I decided to order two Kasa bulbs. I put in Wyze 2019 bulbs in storage.

Yes, Wyse has no interest in supporting the 2019 bulbs and my guess is will not fix the problem with additional updates. I wish they would just state that clearly and directly. They should remove the 2019 bulbs for their app.

One of my Arlo cameras became unsupported by the company, and I received numerous emails months before the camera was taken offline to prepare me for the demise of my camera. I don’t think Wyse treats their customers very well. I have many wyse products and will be moving on to a different company.


I am beginning to understand.

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I’ve said many times that I am a fan of Wyze. But. yeah, but. I was first attracted to Wyze when I learned of the local storage device they were working on and later stopped. I’ve never stopped wanting that. And I bought my first Wyze camera because they were $20 with the plan to connect them to that local storage. As they have matured, I hung in. But, yeah but, I have found something coming and will have a plan.

Tp-Link’s sub Tapo makes lots of Smart home stuff. Buried on the main page is a coming soon product they call a hub, but with stoarge. Search Tapo H500. Its a hub that allows local storage and grow it as you wish with SSD drives - up to 16 TBs. Don’t need to spend all at one time to get it. Grow it as the price of SSD comes down. And because its local you can also connect up to 16 cams to it, and 64 sensors. Estimate of the price is $264 or so. (That’s about 2.5 years of Unlimited Cam Plus.) and after I have it in my grubby hands, I will start buying a variety of their cams. And sell my Wyze stuff on eBay.

Yes. I remember those days. I remember a NAS option in the app. Don’t remember their storage option much. It was nice to have cloud storage included for free. Of course, times change.

Most days were good, but my interest is drawing me to look elsewhere. I think the Wyze 2019 bulbs lack of support pushed me away. I liked being a hobbyist but I think I just want stuff to work.

Looks like I may venture into Kasa, Tapo or TP-Link.

At least the ride was a cheap entry into a fun amount of tinkering.

They never got it off the ground. It was simply a “holster” for a laptop sata HD. They had a picture of it and posted it for a brief time. Then took it down, because the source they were working with for it, quit the project (so they told us), and they set out to find another. Then a few months later, they told us they found someone. And months after that, they were not pleased with the plan/source and said, they will dismissing the idea/plan/product. A bunch of us whined, but it did no good.

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They are all the same company. The even had a professional business router product division- Omada Pro.

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