Wyze bulbs (2019) won't pair

Tried everything suggested here.
Separate 2.4 and 5 ghz
Shorter SSID
Disabled WMM
Enabled wifi 802.11b
Basically every suggestion here

App will stay “Connecting”
Doesn’t even go to some sort of counter or anything.

Tried also downloading random very old APK for Android to try older app version but older all versions i cannot even login to my account

Anyone knows which version of app will surely work with original 2019 bulbs?

For Android, I believe the OAuth HTML based login began in 2.44. I have been successful in reverting back to 2.43 and logging in under the old UI that doesn’t include the OAuth login but I can’t really say if Wyze has since closed the login door for older versions as this was a month ago.

Tried 2.53. It had already authenticator, though left me login. But not sure how old should i go back if anything

I’m confused… Do you mean 2.43? Current production is only at 2.46.

Yes. 2.43 does have the 2FA that will use an Authenticator App or your SMS\Email per your 2FA sertings, but not the HTML OAuth Google and Apple Login.

If 2.43 allowed Login, did the bulbs then not install?

I would go back one version at a time to see if it is the App. If they don’t install, it may be a different issue with your network and phone connectivity.

If you have 2FA set up in your Account. You are going to need to stay within the App versions that include 2FA.

Sorry yes 2.43.
Not home now but will go back and try one Minor verisoj at a time going back.
Like 2.43=>2.42=>2.41
And i also got a very old TrendNET wireless G router, will conndct through LAN to my ISP modem and will try to use that to pair

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V 2.40 works like a charm on Android. CONNECTS IN 5 SECONDS


Now that they are connected and working, the real test is if they will remain connected and working with an updated app. Don’t delete the APK… You might need it again.

So you’re saying that although we are beta testing 2.47.0, it’s already a known issue that I can’t pair 2019 bulbs without going back to 2.40? Is anyone working to fix this, or if I want to continue to use my 2019 bulbs, I have to revert to 2.40 for any updates/ changes?

Yes, they are aware and working to fix this.

If you want to go through setup right now, yes, you’ll have to revert. If it’s not urgent, then you can wait for an upcoming app release that will fix it. No known ETA on when that will happen though. It could be today, it could be later.

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Here is the reference where Wyze confirmed it is being worked on: