BULBs stopped connecting to wyze app

I have wyze cams, sensors, and bulbs. After i came back from vacation. I noticed my bulbs are offline. But everything else is. So i removed my 2 bulbs from my acc, did the turn/on off 3 times to get to pairing mode. Pressed next, put in my wifi name and password, went to settings chose the bulb to connect to, then after confirmed i connected to bulb. Went back to wyze app, pressed next, and it just takes me back to wifi settings screen. Im stuck in this loop and cant re-add the bulbs to my wyze app. How do I fix this?

Old topic, but new to me.

Older Wyze white bulbs, the 2019 version, will not connect to any networks.
I believe it may be changes to the app.
I am using the same network, same APs, same password, and WPA2, not 3.
There is no IPv6.

I helped a friend change their password on their network, then went around and re-added all their devices, Wyze and non-Wyze. Everything connected fine except their 2019 bulbs. I replaced their bulbs with the newer bulbs that I believe are Bluetooth, and they connect fine.

I brought their bulbs back to my house that has not had the password changed, nor any network settings, and NONE of them (8) will finish the connect process.

I really believe this is an app issue. It does not work on my Androids using latest beta, and it does not work on Apples with latest Non-Beta app. I know it is the app, because I still have 2019 bulbs in my house all over the place that are still working because I have not had to re-set them. So the bulbs have no problem communicating with the network in it’s current state.
If someone does the magic on-and-off 3 times, I will be screwed.

Please test at the Wyze labs and verify if the latest apps can add 2019 bulbs, and please fix it when you see that you can’t.

Don’t break the app, and then try to get us to buy newer bulbs. This is not good for customer service, and surely not for me letting people know if they should buy your products. My friends received their Wyze products for free from me, and they are currently not a Wyze fan because of this issue.