Bulbs won't pair

After internet outage for 2 days my bulbs were offline, I removed to pair again but they won’t go into pairing mode, help

After an outage if they are still out, just a power cycle and not a re-pair should bring them back. Wyze bulbs or Wyze bulb color? If you wanted to re-pair, if you power cycle the bulbs three times, they don’t enter pair mode?


Wyze bulbs, they won’t go into pairing mode for me

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I have the same issue.

Just tried to set up two color smart bulbs. When I get to the step where there should be a “wyze” wifi network from the bulb to connect to it never shows up. Tried on my iPhone and iPad using an Orbi mesh network and then the 2.4 Ghz network from the cable company router and none of these worked. Can’t continue set up without the wifi from the bulb so seem to be dead in the water. Looks like another smart bulb return.

Welcome to the forums! Are the bulbs in pairing mode?
Is blue tooth enabled on your devices? Try disabling the mobile data on your phone for helps.

Here are some more troubleshooting tips:

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Just now my two white Wyze bulbs stop working correctly and were slowly flashing as if pairing mode but I don’t see them in my iPhone’s bluetooth settings. And they show up as being offline on the Wzye app.