Mesh router and Wyze bulbs

I have older Wyze bulbs and a new mesh network. I forced the phone into 2.4Ghz mode and tried to add the bulb back. It errors with message “5G network not supported “. Why? Since the phone is set to 2.4, why won’t it connect? It’s not looking at the network name is it?

Any suggestions?

Are you running your Mesh in 2.4/5 Ghz combined mode or did you separate them?

I have never had an issue with setting up any Wyze Devices using my Mesh Network in a grouped fashion (not separating the 2.4 from 5).

This same thing is happening to me. About 2-3 weeks ago the bulb just stopped working and I cannot get it to reconnect. Deleted the bulb from Wyze app and reinstalled it and Google Home wont recognize Wyze. Says there are “no compatible devices found”

I had the same problem with my 2 2019 Wyze bulbs (all of a sudden, they went offline and couldn’t reconnect even after trying for 3 hours). BUT, thanks to another community member’s helpful suggestion to go back to the older version of the Wyze app for iOS/Apple iPhone users (by joining the Beta Community and selecting to “test” the older version of the app), I was able to reconnect both bulbs within 2 minutes!!

So the problem is NOT the older bulbs, but the problem lies with the updated Wyze app!!

This was the advice I followed: