Wyze WiFi Bulb not connecting to Google Mesh Network

Six months ago I had this same problem while trying to setup a couple of new Wyze WiFi Bulbs in my home. Wyze Support helped troubleshoot but I can’t remember what they did to get them to work. Two days ago my wife changed lamps in our Bedroom and we lost a WiFi bulb. Today I tried to set it back up but again, it won’t connect to my network. My memory is slowly coming back and what I remember is, my Google Mesh Network is on a different subnet than the Wyze Bulb. The Google Mesh Network uses thru 250. The Wyze Bulb uses, I believe. The problem is they’re on different subnetworks.

Does anyone know how to deal with this during the setup process? How can I get the Wyze WiFi Bulb onto the same subnetwork as the Google Mesh Network?