Alexa won’t show live feeds

Well this was a surprise. Did not know that the Wyze skill link to Alexa would expire. Some trigger disconnected/disabled my long existing link. Simple to re-link, but must have occurred several days ago.

I have half a dozen separate routines, that daily on the hour, each call up one of my Wyze cams, just so I can do a quick look-see. When my Show 8’s would attempt to bring up a Wyze cam view, the Show would report, I needed to enable the Wyze skill. I dismissed that in my head, because I’ve had this skill enabled for years. But on a informed by Show, hunch, I checked. Yep, sure nuff, the skill was unlinked, with a note above it informing me, the skill had expired. ??? Never knew that would occur.

And that folks is the reason for this post. Save yourself some trouble. Unlink and Relink now, so you know the status and it doesn’t sneak up on your when you least expect it or when its down.

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That is weird. I ran some searches and found that this apparently happens a lot with Alexa skills (not just Wyze), something to do with refresh tokens. I read that access tokens are supposed to last for 365 days and then be able to do a refresh token, but apparently there are bugs where sometimes it expires earlier and some have problems where the refresh token doesn’t work right. Lots of devs asking about this online and why it’s not working right with some of their users. Interesting. I didn’t get too far into into it, I think there are solutions to resolve the refresh token issue though.
Thanks for pointing it out.


You sir, are welcome. Thank you for the thanks.

The good news about this bad thing, is it gives us a warning. Not before, but once its occurred, we are told each time we try to use Wyze Skill from a command, that the skill is not enabled. And we need to enable it. Its quite clear, to me, that you understand that. But I am saying it again, hoping my repeat emphasizes it so it will “ring a bell” when the next person encounters it and (just like me) doesn’t pay attention for a week, why its not working :slight_smile:

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I reported your issue in today’s Fix it Friday event so Jason can pass on the feedback to the appropriate team:


I have the same issue and have tried all of the solutions to no avail. I have 8 v3 cameras. Seven have no issues and stream to Google nest and to Alexa. One will not stream to either. Google nest just shows black screen with Wyze logo and Alexa says “Live view unavailable”

Ticket and logs submitted: 2921361

FYI, Wyze just launched some beta firmware to help address the issues people have been experiencing with Google/Alexa streaming. So there is a fix on the way. Those who don’t want to wait can sign up for beta and try it sooner. But keep in mind, things are “Beta” for a reason…means they are currently going through testing.


Just tested on Google Nest and it is able to stream now. Will go test on my Alexa and report back.


Just tested on Alexa and streaming works as well.


Edit: Update


I have about a dozen V3’s and V2’s. I routinely use my Echo Shows to view these cameras. Sometimes each works and next time it may not. I often pull up the image on my phone app and its working okay. I don’t have an explanation why it works or doesn’t work.

I can though identify at least one difference. I have 4 Echo Shows; 2 each 1st Gen and 2 each 2nd Gen. I have about a dozen Alexa routines setup. Each of these routines, command Alexa to show a cam on a Show, hourly. I rotate on the hour one of the cams to two of the shows. One is a 1st gen and the other a 2nd gen.

I have noticed that a Wyze V3 will show on 1st gen more often successfully than the 2nd gen. At first, I thought it might be just time and place, that it might be that cam was having a connection issue. So, I would swap the show to the other model, and Play the Routine. Sometimes, I would just slide the time up on the same cam to different show and let the schedule run the routine. Most (not all) the time, when I used the 1st gen show, it worked.

Incidentally, I have so many routines, because I use the Custom choice in the routine. and the Custom choice command must be the last line of the routine. So, it won’t allow but one Custom per routine. I have tried stacking multiple “Show commands” in the same routine, but to do so, I must use the “Say” action to trigger Alexa to accept the voice command each hour. Alexa doesn’t like that. So, most of the time or all the time, a routine with multiple Show Camera actions simply would not work.

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As you can see on my earlier post, I thought the Show 8 1st gen was better at displaying Wyze cams than 2nd gen. To help prove my best guess, I bought an Show 8 1st gen and set it up. Works just like the first one I had. There’s something different between the 1st and 2nd gen Show devices, so Wyze cams view successfully more often.

Just sharing what I know.

Excellent information. Thank you! Very useful for me!

I have no idea what the overall differences are between 1st gen and 2nd gen Echo Shows are. I just know they are currently behaving different. Your experience may vary from what I am describing but here it is anyway.

1st Gen Show
I like to hourly during daylight hours rotate several of my Wyze cameras up on the Show screen. Then I use the Custom action choice to fed the action. The Custom choice will only apply as the last action in the routine. It takes nearly a dozen routines between daylight and dark though the routines are only slightly different to get this to work. And I want to hear when the camera is changing, so I add a “send notification” action in the routine. In the routine, With the Send Notification action, we can select more than one Echo. I use one. But its a Dot, not the Show that’s showing the camera. I set the volume to 3, then Announce, which camera, then “show”. Looks like this.

Set volume to 3
Announce: Showing Street on Show8 (device choice is Echo dot, not Show8 )
Alexa, Show Street on Show8
Choose Device: Echo Dot (not Show8)

We know the Show action is used only in conjunction with a Show device.
Each of my cameras seems more likely to view successful, if I don’t use the Show to announce the voice and I don’t select the Show for the Choose Device at the bottom of the routine.
(That’s confusing to read. But I think makes more sense as you are setting up a routine.)

2nd Gen Show:
When I use a routine to direct “Show Street cam on Show8”, when the image (view) does not display in a Show8’s full screen. It comes up reduced or minimized into the upper left corner of the screen and its about 20% of the size of the screen. If I touch that small view, a temporary sub menu of choice appears. One is X to close it. Another is arrows hinting, open or enlarge. When I press the arrows, it expands the view to fill the screen. But I don’t want to do that each time.

I contacted the Echo team at Amazon (get this 3 times over two week time) each time to get a different tech. None understood what I was describing. I included pictures, but “we don’t have a camera to test with”, so I could not get help in ciphering how to stop this minimized view. Maybe its unique to Wyze cameras, don’t know. But they said, they had no vendor’s cameras to test what I was talking about. So, again, don’t know if its unique to Wyze.

I recently (a month ago) swapped an Echo Show 5 for a Show 8, and the same rule that before would (usually) show the live view of a specific camera on the Show 5, now shows as a small PIP in the upper left corner on the Show 8, and the “stop” command in the rule does not close that small PIP view (I said “usually” above, because it frequently comes back and says "unable to show xxxx - check its power supply or network connection).

I researched and searched, and can find no web pages anywhere that describe how to show it full screen vs a small PIP - everyone says that the PIP can be expanded by touching it and picking the option, and it can be closed by touching the “X”, but there is no way to show it full screen through a rule, and no way to close the small PIP view from a rule.

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I agree with all you said. Was the Show 5 a 1st gen and the Show 8 a 2nd gen?

It’s honestly HYSTERICAL to me that this facade that anyone here is going to help fix the myriad of problems with Wyze cams. Absolutely hysterical.

I went through this whole nonsense routine, round and round with them, and all they ever say is that they’ll put our reports/issues forward to the devs for consideration.

The devs aren’t listening, they don’t care, and these issues are only going to get worse as the devs get sloppier with every iteration.

We, the customers, shouldn’t be responsible for providing them with detailed repro case after detailed repro case for the same issues. We paid for the product, it’s not our job, and we’ve been more than gracious with them. The best, and possibly only solution is to stop purchasing or paying for Wyze services. If you’re still in a return period, return it and buy something else.

Wyze, as a company no longer has ANYONE competent working for them. Anyone with a brain clearly moved on, and and the rest here are those who aren’t skilled or intelligent enough to move to greener pastures. Are these harsh words? Sure, but they’re thoroughly earned.

View multiple live camera feeds on your Echo Show
Just say, “Alexa, show my cameras” to see your compatible connected cameras. For example, you can now view your nursery and see who is at the front door without switching between camera views.
Staying in the know has never been simpler
You can view up to four cameras at once on Echo Show 8, Echo Show 10, and Echo Show 15. Tap a camera feed to zoom it to full screen and hear audio from that camera. Tap the on-screen Back button to return to the multiple feeds view.

If you have created Smart Home Groups for your cameras, you can ask Alexa to show your Groups. For example, “Alexa, show my [backyard] cameras” for a Group called “backyard.”

And that’s just the start
All things Alexa



Spineless shilling.

Oops, sorry about this. Short answer: it was not a Show 5 after all, and the new Show 8 is 2nd Gen.

I made a mistake in my post, and my old device was not a Show 5 - it was one of the old (early 2019) just plain “Show” models - it does not say which generation. It started to just shutdown without warning. It would boot up when power was removed and restored, and then it would run for an hour or two, and then later it looked like it was powered down - no display, no lights, no verbal or touch response, just dead.

We also have a plain old Echo (the tall cylinder style) from way back (early 2019), and its power supply is compatible with the Show (same voltage and amperage specs, and same connector shape), so we swapped power supplies between these two devices. The Show power supply works on the Echo with no issues (we let the Echo run on the Show’s power supply for days), and the Echo power supply works on the Show, but the Show would do the same thing with the Echo power supply - boot up fine, and then be powered off several hours later.

We thought it was toast, so we bought a new Show 8 (2nd gen) to replace it.

Then with the old Show, we “reset” the device, installed a software update, plugged it into the original power supply, and it has been running without any problem since then. But I have not tried any Alexa routines to show the cameras on the old Show that is now alive again. We’ve just moved it to another place in the house.

For the past 5-6 months at least, the old Show would try to show the camera as part of a routine, and frequently it would work and show the camera view full screen on the old Show. But more frequently it would just give up and say “the camera is not responding, check its power supply or network connection”.

But when I asked Alexa to show the cameras (on the old Show), it would generally show each camera full screen with no problem. The problem just seems to be when showing the cameras from routines, that it would usually fail, and very rarely would work.

The new Show 8 has that same hit or miss behavior now. Sometimes it will show the camera from the routine (but in small PIP mode), and sometimes it will give up. But like the old Show, if I ask Alexa to show a camera, it generally works on the new Show 8, AND it shows in full screen

Forgive my ignorance. I guess that was directed to me. But I don’t know what it means, so it does not help. Live long and prosper.

@B57, That’s useful info. Thanks. Yes, I know which device you mean by old show. Those seem to do well for a long time. And that was a cool trick, resetting it and adding it back so it would poll for a software update.

FYI, the Show 15 is on sale right now. It had a better discount a couple of days ago (26%) but now its 23% discounted. The cool part, is you can trade in just about any Alexa device and get an additional 25% off and it makes the device a true baragin. That’s about 50% off over all.

Some of us, have added a WiFi on/off adapter to our Wyze cameras. I have all mine set to off/on at 03:00-03:20 each day. This gives them a fresh WiFi connection and its made a difference in responsiveness. On a couple that I have setup to display at a scheduled time on a Show, I have added the off, then back on routine, and wait 3-4 minutes in the routine, then display. This helps. Some of this is about solely seeing what works and doesn’t work.