Wyze Cam V3 Pro does NOT work with Alexa.....why?

I own a couple of V2 and V3 Wyze Cams…and a few days ago I installed my first V3 PRO.
All of the older CAMs work FLAWLESSLY with the Wyze app on my smartphone…it takes 4 or 5 seconds for the V2s and V3s to connect…the V3 Pro connects to the Wyze app in less than a second, every time.


When I try to use the Alexa app on my smartphone, the V2s and V3s work (the V2s and V3s take about 5 to 10 seconds to connect…the V2 camera the furthest away always takes about 10 seconds to connect, but usually does.) HOWEVER…the V3 Pro camera NEVER connects to Alexa, either on my phone or on any of the Alexa SHOW devices I have in my house. Curiously, it times out in about 5 seconds, and announces:

"Sorry, Front Door Cam isn't' responding.  Please check it's network connection and power supply".

This message comes in at about 5 seconds, where the ALEXA waits 10 seconds or more for the V2s to connect.  (Why is the V3 Pro timing out quicker????)

 Point is, the V3 Pro doesn't work with Alexa AT ALL....... and I know it's not a hardware issue.......because I can have the WYZE app on my phone showing the V3 Pro live stream............and then try to connect using the Alexa app on the SAME phone...............it NEVER works.

SIgnal strength at the V3 Pro is about -60dB, or just a little less..............but it's streaming just fine.

Naturally, I have the latest firmware in the V3 Pro, and the latest Wyze app and Alexa app in ALL devices.

**DOES the Wyze app NOT support the V3 PRO for Alexa integration yet?**

I had the same problem trying to stream my V3Pros to Alexa Shows, but I got mine fixed by doing the following (thanks to @spamoni4 for finding this solution):

  1. Disable the Wyze Skill from Alexa
  2. Re-enable the Wyze skill back to Alexa
  3. Try to stream the V3Pro again and it should work now

It might actually be an Alexa bug, but redoing the Wyze skill fixed it for me. I can now stream my V3Pros to my Alexa devices after doing the above.


Just tried disabling/enabling the skill. Live view not working in the Alexa app or on the Echo show, with the V3 Pro.

Oddly, the person detection announcement on the Show does work when enabled.

The live view did work a couple of weeks ago, but I think there have been one or two app updates recently.

Live view does work in the Wyze app.

I just checked mine again on my Alexa Show to make sure and it is streaming my Front V3Pro right now.

I am curious though, will you try this again after sunset and see if it works for you then? There have been a few who have had some streaming issues in the day time and then find everything works fine at night. It seems to especially happen with iOS users, but there are Android users reporting it too. I am curious to see if it makes a difference on Alexa too.

Maybe we can help figure out why it isn’t working for you and some others so that we can get everyone to be able to enjoy it.


Using Android 13, sure I’ll be checking it, as I want my routine to work automatically on person detection.

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This makes me realize that, because it doesn’t support “Lite”, it must be the case that you can’t get Alexa person detection announcements from a V3 Pro unless it has an active paid CamPlus license? Is that correct?

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That sounds correct. Alexa relies on Wyze person detection and without CamPlus or Lite there isn’t any.

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Good question! I’ll have to test this when I get a chance.

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Sometimes, the first attempt will not work. Ask to show you the V3Pro again, after the first attempt and see if it starts

I just confirmed you are correct. V3Pro person detection currently only works with Alexa triggers when Cam Plus is assigned to it.


On the future of Alexa:


I’m guessing they won’t totally SCRAP Alexa…there is a lot that can be done with it still, but they are going to have to make some drastic changes. They do have some potential for ongoing income streams with things like “Alexa Guard Plus” for example. I am sure they will also keep all the news audio feeds and podcasts, etc, because it’s so easy to add ads to those. They also cover a decent amount of costs with ads on echo shows and fire tablets. Also, streaming cameras is usually done locally, so costs should be minimal for that.

It will be interesting to see what changes they make to AI assistants going forward though. They definitely can’t afford to be wasting $10B/yr on them.


Tried the disable/enable skill a couple of times, no joy with that.

The V3 if fine, tried just about everything I can think of with the V3 Pro starting from scratch, including uninstalling/reinstalling the Alexa app.

I’m in the same boat. Firmware is up to date across the board. I’ve disabled/re-enabled the Wyze Skill (multiple times) as well as deleting and re-adding the camera from the Wyze app. No dice. All the V3’s are fine.

Nope…that didn’t work.

I disabled the WYZE app and re-enabled it…did not work. (I’m not sure that actually
unlinked the Wyze app from Alexa, though).

I then disabled the WYZE app…and powered down the phone. Waited a few minutes,
then re-booted the phone. The WYZE app was then missing. I had to re-load the
skill, and launch it. Curiously, it did not have to “discover” the cameras…they all
showed as being available. BUT…once again, the V2s and V3s work, but the V3 PRO
NEVER shows the live stream.

ALEXA View 5 says that “Front door cam isn’t responding. Please check connection and
power supply.”

The ALEXA app on my smart phone says: “Sorry, cameras don’t work on this device”.
Manually selecting any of the V2s or V3s, and they will work, but voice commands get that
same negative response, and it doesn’t even try to connect. AND…with the V3 PRO
camera, when I manually select it, it LOOKS like it’s going to come up, but never does. Instead, it gives me a black screen with the text: “Live View isn’t available right now. Please try again later”. But…trying later doesn’t work either.

So.........now what?    IF I disable the WYZE skill, how long do I have to wait to make sure 

the skills are “unlinked” through the entire AMAZON system, before I re-install and launch the
WYZE app again? Is there anything ELSE I can try?

And, how can I contact customer support at WYZE?  Their "CHAT BOT" doesn't let me through to a real person.....


So then, of what use is the “People Detection” in the V3 Pro if it can’t trigger an Alexa announcement? (Or is the goal to ALWAYS make users pay for this “privilege” we already paid for?


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Yup. Doesn’t work for me either…and I can’t seem to reach tech support at Wyze. This
is REALLY annoying.

Even more so…they advertised the V3 Pro as having People Detection, which ALSO doesn’t
work with Alexa. What gives with this?


Honestly, I am not sure there is much Wyze can do to fix this. As Newshound posted, Amazon’s Alexa division is in the middle of a crisis. It took Wyze several weeks of trying to get through to the Alexa division just to get them to fix their trigger issues with the plugs that were on Alexa’s side of things, and that was before Amazon fired 10,000 Alexa employees and seriously downsized.

I truly don’t think there is anything Wyze support can do about the Alexa issues because they are most likely Alexa issues that Amazon has to agree to fix, and Amazon is not very happy with their Alexa stuff at the moment. I’m not even sure how effective contacting Alexa support would be for this issue or if they have their restructuring stable at this point.

For whatever reason, disabling the Alexa Wyze Skill in the Alexa app and then re-enabling the Wyze skill in the Alexa app has worked for several users (including myself), so I am not sure why it is not working for some others. :frowning: It worked pretty close to immediately for me after I did it, so I don’t think there is a need to wait and try again. Either it works or it doesn’t.

We might have to wait for Amazon to get reorganized and figure out where they’re going to go from here.

As for how to get ahold of Wyze, if you type “Human” into the chat, it has always worked for me to get to a human.

They can also be called or emailed.

But again, I don’t think this is something that Wyze has much control over. The last time there was an issue on Alexa’s side of things, it took several weeks to get Alexa staff to resolve it, and now they’re in an even bigger upheaval than before.


Do you have a CamPlus license for the V3 Pro? If not, it won’t do person detection with Alexa. Alexa needs the cloud connection to the camera in order to process person detection.

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That function is just for the Wyze end of things for push notifications and the like, not for Alexa.

From Wyze: This Wyze Cam must have an active Cam Plus subscription to enable Person Detection.