V3 Does NOT work with Alexa

I bought the v3 camera specifically for the “Works With Alexa” feature. It does not work with Alexa. In the Alexa app, the camera has “Live view not supported” written next to it. If trying to connect from Fire TV, Alexa reports no connection.
Has anyone connected a v3 to Alexa and viewed live footage?

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I haven’t had any issues streaming my V3 cameras to Alexa. Have you tried unlinking and linking the Wyze skill?

Thi means it can’t be viewed in the Alexa app. More discussion on this here:

Yes… When you add the WYZE Skill to your Alexa App, you can view your V3 camera(s) from the variety of Echo “Shows”, Fire TV (The cube), and Fire Sticks (Must be paired with an Echo dot)

As @Brlepage provided. The V3 is not able to be viewed in the Device List under the Alexa App installed on your phone, just yet I am sure Amazon will add it but who knows when… BUT! If you have a newer version of the HD Fire Tablet you can view the V3 live from the “Device Dashboard”

Pic of one of my V3’s streaming live video using a Amazon Fire Stick, Paired with an Echo Dot, using the voice command, Alexa, Show me the Front Door.


Thanks guys. I paired my Fire TV to my Echo Speaker. I could then access the camera stream from the Fire TV by asking the Echo to launch the camera. From that point, I could then issue the command from the Fire TV remote, that previously did not work.
Weird, but it’s working now and thank you all for the assistance. :slight_smile:


Would you please post the steps to the pairing process?

For a Firestick and Echo Device?

For the devices to pair properly and work together, your Alexa device and Fire TV must be registered to the same account. You can link multiple Alexa devices to the same Fire TV. Not all features are supported on Echo Show devices or for a paired Fire TV Cube (2nd generation).

Tip: Before linking your Alexa-enabled device and Fire TV, check that you have the latest version of the Alexa app.

  1. Open the Alexa app .
  2. Open More and select Settings .
  3. Select TV & Video .
  4. Select Fire TV .
  5. Select Link Your Alexa Device and follow the on-screen instruction



I figured it out. It was a misunderstanding on my part thinking it was Bluetooth pairing. Garage cam works great, but doorbell is 90 degrees off, yet displays correctly on my phone.

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Yea, the 90 degrees on the doorbell is a know issue. Heavily discussed in the forums.

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It’s false advertising the wyze cam v2 supports live video via the Alexa app on your Android smartphone The V3 does NOT.

All my outside cameras are the new V3 ones and one video doorbell

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That is an Amazon feature (and still new, I think it was introduced a few updates ago), not a WYZE feature. V2s and Pan Cams work because they have been in the wild longer than the V3 and doorbell cam.

It’s also the same with Alexa on iOS.

One (or at least I do) would infer that Amazon will add them to their stack in the future. Alexa has been getting Home Automation Control love recently with the addition of the Device Dashboard.

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I quite disappointed with this company and the false advertising. I purchased two V3 cams to be displayed on my echo show.

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Not sure what the confusion is, I might be missing something. I have multiple V3’s, V2’s, WCO’s, and a VDB.

I can simply ask Alexa to show me Camera X and it will display on my Echo Show. I also have a routine which will automatically show my Driveway Cam when a Person has been detected and then another to cancel the stream after 50 seconds.

It is already known that the VDB is rotated on the Show. Which may be fixed in the future.

What are you trying to do?

Idk if this will help any of you but on my Samsung devices I turned off Bixby routines by pulling down the notification bar to show your quick access buttons and scroll to Bixby routines; I can now use wyze in the alexa app to view videos, all 3 of my v3 cameras work with alexa now

V3s have worked with the live view in Alexa for awhile now. Waiting on the Pan Cam V2s now… Not sure the wyze cam outdoor will ever make it
Interesting association you found though.

I can’t get this to work with Echo Show 5 1st Gen. I can get the video to show up on the iphone Alexa app, but when I ask Echo Show to show me the cam, it either says “Sorry, something went wrong” or most often “device isn’t responding”. I have removed device and skill from Alexa. I’ve even totally removed the cam from Wyze app and started over. I’ve renamed the cam. I’ve powered off both devices. I do hear in the Alexa Show that movement was detected from the camera, but I can’t ever see the video. So, I know notifications are reaching Echo Show, but it can’t see camera stream. PLEASE help. I hate to return this camera since so many people have one and are successful (or so they say).

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Have you checked the Echo show device to see if there are software updates?

Make sure your cameras are on the latest firware… I have android a Samsung and in order for it to work for me I had to disable Bixby routines… if iPhone has a built in routine try disabling it and see if it will work since doing that for me the cameras work great

Yeah the v3’s are what we have and until I disabled the routine it wouldn’t work and renabling the Bixby routine stops it from working again; I just leave it off since I don’t use it anyway

Thanks for the suggestion R. Good. My Echo Show is running the latest update. If I didn’t mention it, my phone is an iphone 12 pro max.

Bixby doesn’t come on iphone. I disabled Siri to see if that helps, but no luck. I have an iphone 12pro max. Thanks for the suggestion though!