"live view not supported" Amazon Echo

I was just looking at my Amazon setup and noticed several, but not all, cameras display the following “live view not supported”. Three cameras out of seven don’t show that message. All have the current firmware ( beta) but there doesn’t seem to be any correlation to that for which show the message.

Anyone else seen or fixed this? Going to try removing and re-linking the Wyze skill later.


I haven’t had this issue. What tripe of cameras are these?

Definitely give this a try!

They are V2 cameras. Re-link didn’t seem to fix it.

Does it work on your Echo Show devices?
I believe the “live view not supported” message means it can’t be viewed from the Amazon Alexa app(this is a recent new feature).

What device are you attempting to use for live view?

It is easier to help if the situation is fully explained.

For example:
I will ask my Echo “Alexa” device to display my V2 and by default it uses my Fire Stick, the only device available for it to display on. An Echo can only have one TV/Fire-stick paired to it. My Echo “Echo” is connected to our Fire TV so displays cameras there.

I do not have any routines involved.

I haven’t tried any of the cameras to view on my echo devices. In the past it just never worked. I recently reverted all of my cameras to stock firmware from the RTSP version and noticed the flag on the devices within the echo application and was curious. I mostly am confused since the cameras are fairly homogeneous so there shouldn’t be ones that work and ones that don’t. Also, I thought the issue was fairly well documented and explained…it’s an error message, not an attempt to view the camera.

Try them on the echo devices.

As @Brlepage just explained, the messages are accurate. In the Alexa App, when I select a camera that does not have the message, the live view works in the App. My WCOs have the message, so just display the settings, no live view.

My Echo device has no problem, though there is a delay, displaying any of my cameras on my preferred monitor.

Are all of your cameras V2 models? Are all identically set up?

The only camears that I get the “Live view not supported” message on are running RTSP firmware. The rest are fine.

Live View is working on my V2 Camera. I did nothing special, just went to Devices, Camera’s, and clicked on my V2 Camera.

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All cameras are V2 with stock production firmware, not RTSP. So the question remains: why do some display the message and why do others not? There is no difference in the configuration of the cameras.

I don’t think you’ll ever get an answer.
For months we asked why some cameras had Person Announcement and other didn’t in Alexa. Same scenario, all cameras using the same firmware. We never got a response from Wyze at all but it does seem to be working now.

Can you please confirm if the cameras with the message do not show live view when you click on them?

And that the cameras with the message are scheduled to record all day.

I wonder if anyone with a WCO does not see the message.

I am pretty sure this is a “new” added capability on the Alexa app, I stumbled across it a couple of days ago. I use Alexa as my primary home automation control since I have a mixed environment. My guess is it’s all Amazon’s to do with this.

But to answer your question @WildBill same results it is limited to the V2 and Pan Cam as far as I can tell.

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Six of the cameras are V2 and one is a Pan. No V3 cameras. All have current firmware.

I tried the cameras. Those without the message display. Those with do not. Not sure what you mean by scheduled to record all day…record events?

Ah, gotcha, I missed the conundrum before… sorry for the slowness :slight_smile:

Interesting some are not showing as not supported. Still leaning on Amazon’s side for this one, but just a guess, and my inference is that this capability came from the new Dashboard Amazon deployed for some of their hardware

Only thing I can think of is, latest alexa app? Maybe a log out and log in to “goose” the app? Or a cache flush?

I just looked on my FireHD 8 and “live view” option isn’t even available on that device… looking to see if there is an update.

So there was a update for the Alexa App on my fireHD 8. After installing the update, the results yielded a mirror image of what I posted above. All v2 and Pan Cams have a live view and the WCO, WDB, and V3 do not.

Sorry @WildBill not sure why all of your V2’s aren’t presenting this capability at the moment.

I am on:
Samsung Note10+ Android / Alexa v. 2.2.384932.0
The Alexa app on my FireHD 8 is the same as on Phone v. 2.2.384932.0


Under Settings, you can set when the camera is continuously recording to your SD card. This is in addition to capturing motion clips. My V2 records 24/7, so I can use playback. My Schedule is All Day, always recording.

I asked in case the ability in Alexa depends on the camera having a SD card as well as if live view (continuous recording) must be active.

All cameras have an SD card set to record events only, even the ones that work. Tried changing multiple settings in that regard without any change in behaviour.