Allow camera live view in Alexa app

Currently the Alexa app lets you add Wyze to your list of home devices, but when you open the cameras within the app it says Wyze live view not available.

Really not a wish list item as this does work. Try unlinking Wyze in the Alexa app and then relink it. What cameras are you using? All of mine seem to work.

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I have a pan cam and two V3s. They added just fine but will not let me view them live within my Alexa app no matter what I do…I will try unlinking and adding again. Here is a screen shot from my Alexa app.

I have V2, V3 and Pan Cams and all work in the Alexa App. Reconnecting the Wyze skill should fix it.

I’ve tried. I’ve unlinked, disabled, uninstalled, re-linked, rebooted, renamed. I still can’t get live view to work in the Alexa app. Cameras work perfectly in the Wyze app and within the Wyze app it recognizes that it’s linked correctly to Alexa. Still says live view not supported.

Have you tried removing one of the cameras and adding it back in the Wyze App?

One thing to check is your Android permissions, for mine to work it needed to have the microphone and camera enabled, or maybe it was the microphone, nonetheless that solved the issue. Think the latest version for the app gives you a message that certain permissions are required vs the live view not supported message.