"Wyze live view unavailable in the Alexa app" (on Samsung Galaxy S20+)


My 3 new WyzeCam V3’s are not displaying live video in the Alexa app, but show video ok for all devices listed in the Wyze app. My 2 older cameras that were setup some time ago display live video fine in Alexa app. It is just the new cameras that don’t work with Alexa.

I see “Wyze live view unavailable in the alexa app” when I list the new cameras in the Alexa app (the older cameras just say “Wyze” and work fine in Alexa)

I have tried the following troubleshooting steps already:

  1. Removing and re-adding the Wyze skill in Alexa many times
  2. Reinstalled Wyze app and Alexa app
  3. Cleared the cache and data in both the Wyze and Alexa app
  4. Confirmed Firmware on all cameras are up to date and using latest versions (firmware version
  5. Confirmed using latest app version of Wyze and Alexa apps (v2.42.0 (292))
  6. Confirmed that my phone and cameras are using the same 2.4Ghz WiFi network

I am using a Samsung galaxy S20+ and I suspect that this may have something to do with permissions that may have been reset in the latest Android firmware update as I had to manually re-add location and microphone permissions to both apps after the update.

Please advise how to get live view working in Amazon Alexa app for my 3 new cameras.

I opened a previous ticket, but no one has gotten back to me. Please open a new ticket for this request.


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MOD NOTE: Cross-post deleted. See this topic: Latest V3 Camera hardware with updated v4.36.10.4679 firmware do not work with Alexa

Im having exact same issue. My new v3 is uodated to (not the version the cross thread explains). It wont show live view in app or on my echo show 8.

My older wyze cam works fine on both alexa and echo show 8. (Wyze v2 firmware 4.9 9.1851)

Update: I also tried downgrading my new V3 hardware to firmware (which works with my older V3 camera hardware and Alexa live view), however the problem still persists on the newer V3 cameras.

The common denominator here is the latest Wyzecam V3 hardware versions do not appear to work with Alexa live view (I have tried 4 cameras from 4 separate Amazon Canada orders placed over the past 4 Months).

I really hope Wyze is working on resolving this issue ASAP as the new V3 cameras are useless to me without Alexa Live View Integration with my Firestick 4K / Samsung Galaxy S20+ phone.

I have experienced the same. All newer V-3 have an issue connecting with Alexa. I have other V-3 purchased prior to May of 2023 work fine with Alexa. The ones I purchased after May do not. I also ordered and tried the OG model and it did not work either. Either the hardware is a problem or the firmware associated with the new hardware is the issue. I’m purchasing the V-3 pan cam to test as well, hope that works with Alex.

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i have exactly the same problem with 4 of my V3’s purchased this year… at this point they should be fixing the issue or refunding even if outside of the normal window

FYI - I have posted this issue to the “Fix-it Friday” post below:

Please add a heart to the “Fix-it Friday” post above so the developers are aware of the issue.



I found a fix. Hopefully others see this and it’ll work for them as well:

The solution was to subscribe to Cam Plus (just for one camera). One by one, select a single problem camera for use with the subscription. Then, restart that camera…wait a couple minutes. Then you’ll see the “Live view unavailable in Alexa App” should be gone and you can use it on both Google and Alexa assistants. Do this for each problem camera.

FYI, when you factory reset a camera, it gives you an option to try a 14-day trial for Cam Plus…I suggest doing that, then cancelling right after. Good luck.


Following Raheenb’s above post above absolutely worked for me. Thank you very much for this info.

I followed your advice of:

  1. first doing a complete factory reset (remove any memory card and then hold setup button for 10 seconds)
  2. Setup camera again in Wyze app
  3. Added the trial 14 day free subscription after setting up camera in Wyze app,
  4. Reboot camera in the Wyze app
  5. wait a few minutes and then check the camera in the Alexa app…camera now works with live view.
  6. Remove Wyze trial subscription in Google Play store

I just cancelled my trial subscription in the Google play store, but it still gives you the 14 days of
free trial, so I will have to wait and see if live view still works after the 14 day trial.

Note to Developers: Not sure why I have to follow this process for the newer V3 cameras but it is not required for the older V3 cameras.

Thanks again for posting this raheenb

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Thank you Raheenb, for your solution! It solved the problem. 2 older wyze cam v3 would be displayed on the Amazon Echo Show, while 3 newer purchased wyze cam v3 would not. I enrolled the 3 newer cameras in Cam Plus. I then did a restart on the camera and an off/on cycle. The newer wyze cam v3 cameras now will be displayed just like the older ones. Thank you for the solution! I don’t know what will happen if i cancel the Cam Plus yet as they gave me a 14 day free trial.