Latest V3 Camera hardware with updated v4.36.10.4679 firmware do not work with Alexa

Newer Wyze Cam v3 hardware with latest firmware do not work with Alexa Live View.

it appears that the latest batch of v3 cameras update to a higher firmware version ( ) than my slightly older v3 cams purchased 1 year ago (which only update to a maximum firmware version of All 4 of my recently purchased V3 cams update to a higher firmware version and do not work with Alexa Live View (which means you cannot stream video to any Alexa smart devices).

Something happened between firmware v and latest firmware that broke Alexa live view on the latest V3 Camera hardware (I ordered 4 new cameras in May, 2023)

I have updated my Amazon review of the newest Wyze V3 Cameras to inform everyone that the latest camera hardware and firmware do not work with Alexa live view. Se below for more details on my troubleshooting results :

Reviewed in Canada :canada: on June 25, 2023:

Alexa live view is unavailable in the Alexa app for all newer v3 cams that are updated to latest firmware. (I am using Alexa app on Samsung Galaxy S20+ phone and Alexa on Firestick 4K)

My Older v3 cams that will only update to a maximum firmware version of all work fine with Alexa and live view. I have recently purchased 4 new v3 cams and none of them worked with Alexa live view, while all of my older v1 and v3 cameras do work.

it appears that the latest batch of v3 cameras update to a higher firmware version than the older v3 cams and the latest firmware and latest v3 cam hardware do not work with Alexa.

I have tried all troubleshooting steps from Wyze in the multiple trouble tickets I opened with Wyze support, and all tickets have been closed with no resolution.

Something happened between firmware v and latest firmware that broke Alexa live view.

I am posting an Amazon review detailing the problem with my last 4 purchased V3 cameras and recommending that everyone avoid purchasing the latest v3 cameras until the Alexa live view issue is fixed by Wyze.

Update: I also tried downgrading my new V3 hardware to firmware (which works with my older V3 camera hardware and Alexa live view), however the problem still persists on the newer V3 cameras.

The common denominator here is the latest Wyzecam V3 hardware versions do not appear to work with Alexa live view (I have tried 4 cameras from 4 separate Amazon Canada orders placed over the past 4 Months).

I really hope Wyze is working on resolving this issue ASAP as the new V3 cameras are useless to me without Alexa Live View Integration with my Firestick 4K / Samsung Galaxy S20+ phone.

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Are some of your cameras in the Beta program? Looks like is the latest Public Release v3 firmware.

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One of my new V3 cameras is on the official firmware and the other is upgraded to (beta) for testing purposes.

Neither one of the firmware’s work with the latest v3 cameras and Alexa live view.

I’m thinking you’re confused. But am unsure. I have two Wyze cams v3 (reg and pro) and one has one of the older ver and another actually has a newer ver than your latest and Alexa streaming works fine and has.

The only thing I can think if that you may have run into the yearly Alexa plugin renewal where you HAVE to renew the plugin for the cams again. They will stop streaming at that point until you do it and there’s no warning or clear means of seeing this has happened (besides them being knocked off it anyway which isn’t clear).

I’ve seen no other interruptions.

It is of course possible the firmware has bugs in it. That’s why they do a rollout. You seem to be jumping on it however. I don’t have today’s firmware as of yet and am not getting on a ladder to do it. But, I doubt its this and either way they made internet/networking adjustments and any bugs there may not affect everyone anyway.

Why would you get on a ladder to update your firmware?

It can be manually installed right now. They have no UI way of doing that so sd card equals ladder in my case. The UI way is waiting for the rollout.

To put it another way, I’m sure it will work, and so I’m not getting up on a ladder to prove it to some random person on the Internet lol.

FYI - I have posted this issue to the “Fix-it Friday” post below:

Please add a heart to the “Fix-it Friday” post above so the developers are aware of the issue.


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I have a v3 pro with a higher firmware and it works fine with Alexa. Still not convinced. Still didn’t get the latest firmware for the regular v3’s.

Suppose, it could just be something highly specific in your case that I won’t see.

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Ive heard it may have to do with alexa show 8s, but i dont see how that would effect the alexa app on my s22 plus android. Wyze v2 works fine on live view on alexa app but not the v3 or pan v3.
On the wyze app they all work great.

FYI - I followed Raheenb’s advice in the below post and it resolved the live view issue for me:

Here are the steps I took:

  1. Perform a complete factory reset (remove any memory card and then hold setup button for 10 seconds)
  2. Setup camera again in Wyze app
  3. Added the trial 14 day free subscription after setting up camera in Wyze app,
  4. Reboot camera in the Wyze app
  5. wait a few minutes and then check the camera in the Alexa app…camera now works with live view.
  6. Remove Wyze trial subscription in Google Play store

I just cancelled my trial subscription in the Google play store, but it still gives you the 14 days of
free trial, so I will have to wait and see if live view still works after the 14 day trial.

Note to Developers: Not sure why I have to follow this process for the newer V3 cameras but it is not required for the older V3 cameras.

Thanks again for posting this raheenb

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Thank you so much for this workaround! It worked on both of my v3s. I was literally sending one back to amazon today but not anymore. I hope it stays good after the trial.

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Why would it not? I don’t use any subscription free or otherwise. Alexa works fine.

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FYI - this issue seems to be tied to a specific hardware batch of V3 cameras. Two of the V3 cameras that I purchased aprox 1.5 years ago work fine with Alexa live view, while the four V3 cameras that I purchased 6 Months ago all don’t work with Alexa Live view unless I add to a trial subscription as mentioned above.

It sounds like your camera works fine and isn’t subject to the newer hardware batch that some others are having issues with.

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No problem, glad it worked for you. I hope others find this useful, as the whole troubleshooting process was a real pain.

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Because we couldnt use alexa with our v3 cams until we signed up for subscription. It wouldnt show live view on alexa app. Adding the subscription fixed it and it now works… hopefully it won’t go back to not working live view after subscription expires.

Update: Alexa Live View is STILL working, even after the 14 day trial has expired (and trial has been removed from my Google Play Store account).

However, I am now unable to add the 14-day trial to my other cameras when setting up new cameras in the Wyze app, I now get a “you’re not eligible for the free trial” in a google play pop-up message, and it is asking me to subscribe for a full year instead of the 14 day trial (see screenshot in Wyze app below).

I have tried selecting the 14-day trial on a brand new camera setup in the Wyze app, as well as an older camera after a factory reset, but both say I am not eligible for the trial. I have also confirmed that the original 14-day trial has been removed from my Google Play account. I also spoke to Wyze support, but they just gave me a copy and paste of generic non-related info.

For additional reference, I do have an annual subscription setup for one camera, and a legacy “Cam Plus Lite” subscription for a few other cameras, but no subscriptions for the 2 newer cameras that I am trying to add the trial to upon setup.

Any ideas on how to get around this?


My alternate solution was to add a Monthly $2.99 CamPlus plan for one camera on the Wyze website (I could not add a Monthly plan in the Wyze app), and then rotate which cameras were covered under the Monthly plan (you can do this on the Wyze website). I rebooted each camera after I changed it as the active subscription, waited a few minutes and then the camera would be available for live view in the Alexa app / on my Firestick 4K. I will then cancel my Monthly plan on the Wyze website and see if Live view still works afterwards (I believe that it will).

My assumption is that on newer V3 cameras (at least the new ones from Amazon Canada), you now need a temporary CamPlus subscription (whether it’s a temporary trial or a Monthly subscription), in order to get through the initial Live View pairing with Alexa properly. You should then be able to cancel the subscription after Alexa live view is confirmed working.

Hope this helps others having the same issue.