"live view not supported" Amazon Echo

Checked and I’m running the current version for IOS, no update available.

So just checked today and all cameras (except V3) are working with nothing changed on my end…

I finally updated my Alexa app. The feature is now listed but NONE of my cameras support it. “Live view not supported” shows for all of them. (They have no problem showing in Echo Show or Fire TV.) What is odd is that it claims to know this status for several cameras that have been powered down for weeks/months. Thus even though I run old firmware I am not convinced this is the reason?

I just got the WCO a couple days ago and upgraded all the firmware on set up . I get the “live feed not supported “ on my echo show 8 and 5 as well . Has anyone found a fix yet or are we still waiting on Wyze to figure this out . I’m pretty disappointed because I got these cameras to monitor our dogs when the are outside and got them specially to use with the Echos seems how we have 1 on each floor of our home . I guess I should of went with Arlo instead .

Welcome @jm88mike,
Is that happening when you are asking Alexa to show you the cameras on your show devices or are you seeing that in the device list?


Ok so 2 separate items, Alexa’s eco system is a little wonky from my stand point: And note, I am a user just like you sharing my experiences based on your post, as I have a pretty large WYZE and Amazon eco system and looking for a way to validate or assist with your issue.

To address the viewing from Echo Show devices

Echo Show I too am having an issue with viewing my WCO’s from my Echo show devices (Echo Show, Echo Show 2nd Gen, and Echo Show 5 ), it just says having a hard time connecting, then goes back to the home screen.

Firesticks paired with echo dots, I get an error message that says “sorry, I cannot find a device named camera” or it will connect randomly in my testing. So this is intermittent at best, with the percentage being low to connect at my request.

I can pull them up on my Fire Tablets using the new Alexa “device dashboard”. (Only available on specific HD Fire Tablets)

My Attempt to resolve:
Rebooted both WCO’s, Same results as above

Rebooted WCO Base, Same Results as above

Disabled and Re-Enabled WYZE Skill in the Alexa App and rebooted Show devices… Much better results and a higher percentage connection rate, but, still not at every request.

Not a fix but something you could try. Disabled and Re-Enabled WYZE Skill in the Alexa App and reboot Show devices.

Sorry I couldn’t find more and probably doesn’t ease your frustrations. I will be making a ticket for WYZE support to at least get this in their support channel and maybe it will end up on their “Known Issue” list for something to go back and look at, but who knows a timeline.

The WCOs are probably the least developed cameras of the types in my opinion. As I am not seeing the same issues with the V2, Pam Cam, V3s or the doorbell camera.

Alexa App “Live view not supported”

In the Alexa app “Live view not supported” is “known”, and something Amazon needs to add to the list of capabilities, not a WYZE issue. They support the V2s and Pan Cam only in “Live view” from the Alexa App


I had the same issue. I just disabled the skill on my Alexa app and reenabled the skill.

Don’t you have to redo everything - names and groups and routines - if you do that?

I only had to login into Wyze again. All the names and settings will stay if you made this within Wyze app and not the Alexa app.

That’s the problem. I have Alexa based lighting groups, person detection announcements… Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad to re-do and would be worth it if I were sure it would really enable my live view…

I have a number of routines setup in Alexa, and have multiple times disabled and re-enabled the skill for WYZE and have not lost any of the routines.

It has also helped with viewing from my Alexa devices at times… I am tempted to try this at some point as well…

Just to clean up my Alexa devices. Some of my old vivint devices will just not go away.

Even before I saw your post I decided to go ahead and try it.

Good news: it didn’t forget the devices or settings. Telling Alexa to show a camera resulted in it trying and reporting “Okay… The skill linked with Front Door is not enabled. Please enable the skill to control this device.”

Bad news: it didn’t do a thing to let me have live view. Still says “Wyze - Live view not supported”. Probably my old firmware.

If memory serves or fails me… you have a Fire HD device? Or are you looking on your cell phone android/iPhone?

It may take 24 hours, and I only base this on some of the responses I have seen from other members in the community.

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Well, yes, I have a few tablets but I used Alexa on my Android phone for this process. At this writing nothing has changed. Thanks.

I have read all the above and none of it addressed the problem. WYZE folks could have said something. Ill send these cameras back as they don’t appear to work with the Alexa device.

Welcome to the forum @b.tarleton.

What Wyze Cameras do you have? Noting that the Wyze Cam Outdoor and Video Doorbell does not support a live view in the Alexa App.

Check out this thread as well.

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According to what I purchased, the cameras will work with the Alexa device. They did when I first installed them but later changed to “live view not supported” I should have done some better background checking on the Wyze cameras. Oh well, If I cant get an answer in a day or so I will ship them back to Amazon as a POJ.

Which Wyze cameras did you purchase?

Which Alexa devices are you trying to view them on?

I am a heavy Alexa and Wyze user and may be able to be of some assistance.

I have the Echo 5 and two Wyze cameras. WYZE Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle (Includes Base Station and 1 Camera), 1080p HD Indoor/Outdoor Wire-Free Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa & Google Assistant, white.