Alexa App Live View of WYZE Cams on Android?

Did I miss the boat at some point?

I have been in the Alexa app 1001 times, I am just now noticing there is a live view for Pan Cam and V2 cameras within the Alexa app or is this a recent capability?

Does not support Doorbell, WCO, or V3.

Samsung Note10+ Android
Alexa v. 2.2.384932.0

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What? Is that under Devices, Cameras? When you click through does it still present the person announcement settings?

I may have to update my Alexa app for the first time in months.

It’s also in the newest (Amazon Alexa) app version for iOS.
I found it was slow to load, anyone else experiencing this? I probably won’t get much use out of this, but it’s good to know.

Alexa always takes at least 10 seconds after a “show me” command. Is it much worse than that?

This is something Wyze said would get better when they finish implementing WebRTC so the video stream stays local.

Yes. Devices, then Camera, once you are in there is an additional step to get to the announcement setting, just go to the gear on the top right. And on average, 8 seconds for me .

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Super cool, thanks. If the feature works with multiple vendors and can present in Android widgets or that FireTV Device Dashboard it will be even better.