Wyze v3 Alexa Live View

Like to see the v3 camera have the ability to show a live view via Alexa as can the v2 and cam pan.

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The V3 has this ability. Are you talking about the ability to view the camera in the Amazon Alexa app?

Yes, but was told only v2 and cam pan had this functionality. But they are working on it.

The V3 streams to Alexa, but currently not the app. I’d suggest changing the title to be more specific about the Alexa app function.

Like Briepage said it is not available to view in the Alexa app, but you can view it in Firetv

I must be doing something wrong because I get an error that says it can’t find any of my v3 cams on my fire tv

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Try asking your TV to “discover devices”.

According to the instructions, I think we are supposed to have the App discover the Wyze devices first, then we can see them only on supported devices such as FIreTV, and as of the latest update, supposedly, the Windows 10 Alexa Application. I will try the FireTV, but there is no place to “discover devices” on the PC App.

Update - strangely this worked. I can also access them both from the Alexa App for PC now.

Issue that needs to be addressed by Wyze is that the doorbell video image is rotated negative 90 degrees on all Alexa devices.

Yes, cams aren’t able to be viewed in the Alexa app under devices. Not just Wyze, though. At least Arlo cams can’t either.

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