Wyze Cam & Amazon Echo Show

I am contemplating buying an Amazon Echo Show to view our Wyze cams but I don’t see very good reviews about the Wyze cams showing up on the Amazon Echo Show. Does anyone know if this issue has been resolved?

Welcome to the community @jheck04 .

The short and direct answer to your question from my experience; The viewing of WYZE cameras on Echo Show devices is much better than it was in the past, It’s not perfect, but what is?

The long response
You can in fact view the Wyze cameras (all Wyze camera versions except in my experience the Video Doorbell) through the Echo show devices.

The load times are not the fastest (I see generally around 10 seconds from request to show), manufacturer (Wyze/Amazon) changes can affect this from time to time (as in there can be issues), and it’s not perfect… but overall it works and has gotten better over time.

If you are wanting to buy an echo show for this reason and this reason alone I would say you may not be very happy with the results, if you have other use cases for an echo show as an AI device that will show you your Wyze Cams amongst all of it’s other features. Go For it! I have 4 of them and a number of firesticks that I tether to dots to view my Wyze cameras,


That final “S” makes all the difference. You can go mad waiting 10+ seconds to switch between each camera, and there is no multicam display. You may be happier with a tablet running the Wyze app or running TinyCam.


Good point.

I have 2 Echo Show 8’s and 1 Echo show 5 that I use to view my Wyze cams all the time. For me the stream is pretty close to instantaneous/real-time (after it takes 5-10 seconds to authenticate and load). I use V2 cams, V3 cams, Pan V1 and Pan V2, and Outdoor Cam and they all work great. The Video Doorbell does not work [anymore].

I personally love it. But like they told you above, you can only view 1 at a time. If you want to be able to view a bunch at a time, then you’ll want to use something that supports the Wyze app or TinyCam (tablet, computer running an emulator, Smart TV, etc). But I use the Echo Show 8 in my home office all the time to view my cams and it works great. I personally love it and highly recommend it. I started with just 1 and it was so great I now have 3, plus I have 2 Google displays that I also stream cams to…Google displays used to have problems streaming, and that might be what you’re reading, but they fixed those long ago now.