Multi-camera view on Alexa

Would it be possible to add multi-camera viewing to Alexa Show?

Echo dot and fire TV too,


Yes, really really really wish I could display a group of four cams instead of just one on my TV through Alexa. I want to just keep it displayed during the day but having to keep telling Alexa to display each camera one by one instead of simply showing the group isn’t very useful.


Would like to see this as well with options for at least 4 and 8 simultaneous cams. Ability to rotate through cams on adjustable delay or jump to cam with motion detected. Support for additional voice commands such as switch audio, zoom, and pan (especially useful when displayed on large panel via fire tv).


Yes please add that feature on fire tv and echoshow. I would definitely get more cameras because of that feature


Wyze Crew!!! This would be a great feature to add. I am looking at replacing my existing 16 camera system with all Wyze products but this is one things that is holding me back from doing it. I cannot see all the cameras on a monitor at once. If you could have a Wyze app for the Fire TV/Cube/Stick then I could use the grouping feature to accomplish this but there is not a Wyze app for Fire TV. Yes I can enable the Alexa skill and view one at a time but I need to have a screen with all of them on it. Can you all reply with your thoughts on this.


This would be awesome. I keep a tablet next to my Echo Show in the kitchen, just so I can view my grouped cameras on the tablet. I would much rather be able to call up that group on my Echo Show.

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Hi Wyze cam crew , love your devices i have being recommending these , the only thing missing to see multi camera either a table or ipad. Please let us know if this is something you are working on


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Yes please make that a thing & ALSO maybe just a smart tv app so we can view on all tvs ???

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I agree. Not sure why wyze on the echo show can’t make use of Wyze camera groups. seems like a simple thing. I bought an echo show specifically for this so I didn’t have to use my tablet for viewing cams when my kids are napping. Back to the tablet I guess.


Note: The camera’s Live Stream will be displayed on your Amazon device for 10 minutes before it automatically stops. To continue streaming, repeat the voice command.

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I can create and view my wyze cameras in a group, I created a group with Alexa using the show 8 and it doesn’t seem to be able to. If anyone can figure this out or if it’s possible I could use the help if you were able to.

Please add a split screen view. I believe there should be a view all option where you can see all cameras at once, also works with alexa. Maybe up to 6 cameras max. This would be perfect for home security. Even select certain cameras of your choice. I have 7 cameras and this would be a super upgrade, $$$ Guarantee sales increase in the blink of an eye. If the app isnt able to perform, a wyze touch screen monitor. Called Wyze Eye. Where it can do the split screen view, single view etc. And you can have multiple Wyze Eyes in your home. Kitchen, room, etc. Easy mount to almost any surface. This would be a game changer. $$$$

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Please note that the Wyze app can already display multiple cameras on one screen using the grouping feature of the app:


I think if they’re going to do outdoor cameras and we are able to view them on Alexa on our TV we should do multi camera viewing and I think we should have a choice between two cameras,4 camera, eight or 16

This person but Blue Iris on Fire Cube.


Wow I’m iOS. But that’s cool!

I played with the blue iris and because of Wyze RTSP it can be used. The software is a whole packet that do list of camera. You have a windows base running it only. A i5 itel and higher. Then get a purple hard drive.

Here is a person that have NVR that record rtsp.

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I don’t even have a PC. Everything I own is Apple.

Just suggestion. when someone is update a window laptop or a android phone grab if it free. I am trying a grab a I phone free to see how it works.

Window 10 is free to download it. The must be key is in the bios and just long it in there window 10 is good. If you want to learn Linux for some reason you can.
I was grab mine family android phone to play for ham radio stuff because I was a window phone at that time. All the app was android base. When 7 window start the ham radio people was making program to decode and they still work today. Because of window 10 this laptop that I am on is 10 year old and good for the internet. Also I remove the laptop battery and it work fine.

just long the battery is good for a adroid phone. People are use old phone for google voice around the house as wireless phone.