More controls and features for alexa wyze skill

As of the time I’m writing this, the alexa wyze skill only allow you to watch live stream and nothing more. I wish the skill to have more features from the app like 8x zoom, view play back, controlling wyze cam pan panning, 2 ways audio, etc.

While it is great to be able to see my WYZE video feed, it would be better to be able to my Amazon Spot and the audio be broadcast by the camera (just like is done in the app)!

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Echo Show 5 can display now but it can not interact verbally or control camera movement in the case of the Cam-Pan camera. Give Echo Show 5 the same functions that the Amazon Fire Tablet can perform.

I would love to see the Pan Tilt Zoom abilities on the Echo Show. It is cool that I can view the camera, that works great, but the reason for buying the Cam Pan is that it can move around and see the whole room. Love that functionality on the Wyze app and want to see it on the Echo Show.

Thanks and you guys are awesome, love your products.

Checked wishlist and roadmap for matching topic but didn’t see any. Hoping to get two-way audio on echo show to wyze cam…just like it works on IOS/android apps. Currently I only see one-way audio (listen).

My apologies if my request was already submitted.

Otherwise…I really like the wyze products.

Welcome to the community, @wdunaj. We thank you for searching before submitting your request first. I have merged your request with this relevant topic. :slight_smile:

I can view my Wyze cameras on my Echo Shows and Dot but only if I have them on. I’d love the Alexa Wyze skill to turn on or off the cameras with a voice command. Also have the camera switch on, if it is off, when you ask to view it from Alexa.

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