Wyze Cam Pan works with Alexa!

Hey all!

One of the top feature requests we receive is for Wyze to work with Alexa. We heard you loud and clear and are excited to announce Wyze Cam Pan now works with Alexa!

This is how you can get started with Alexa:

  1. Set up your Wyze camera in the Wyze app
  2. Update your camera's firmware to the latest version (via the Wyze app)
  3. Enable the Wyze skill in your Alexa account using the Alexa app, asking Alexa to "enable Wyze skill," or through alexa.amazon.com. You will be prompted to enter your Wyze username & password to authorize Alexa to connect to your camera(s)
  4. Go to your Alexa-enabled device and say "Alexa, discover my devices"
  5. Say any of the following to view your Wyze camera's stream: "Alexa, show me [Camera Name]" "Alexa, show my [Camera Name]" "Alexa, show me the [Camera Name]" "Alexa, show [Camera Name]"
  6. Say either of the following to stop viewing your Wyze camera's stream: "Alexa, stop" "Alexa, go home"
We hope this makes our cameras an even more fun and useful tool. We invite you to continue to share the ways you use your cameras and give us your feedback or ideas.



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Is it possible to power my Wyze cams on and off using Alexa voice commands. I have the latest firmware on both of my cams, and they are already"discovered" by Alexa Wyze Skill.

Hey! This is not currently supported. You can view the livestream and listen to the audio with Alexa.

I’m using my Amazon Fire, which I bought a few months ago, to watch my Wyze cams. Works nicely. The interface on my android phone allows for more features.

Dave, as someone who has created Alexa skills myself, I know that once the device/Alexa integration has been configured, it’s a relatively trivial task to add another function or intent to your skill, including the utterance(s) to invoke it. So I don’t understand why you didn’t add the pan commands to the skill – it would only take a few minutes to code “Pan right, pan left, pan up, pan down”, along with the corresponding commands that the camera is already prepared to accept. So, can you tell us why this wasn’t done – and instead, all you can do is request a live view? Thanks.


I have the new Amazon Fire TV Cube and all Wyze Cams (2 - Wyze Cam v2 and a CamPan) working like a charm !


… any chance of being able to rotate the Cam Pan with the fire remote would be very cool !



Nice!! That’s great to hear.


Yes, agreed that feature would be very cool, and something our team has been looking into.

I have a Kindle Fire and I went through the process to ‘enable’ the skill, and it said it worked. But then when I open the Amazon app it says I still need to enable it. I wonder if this is because I set up my Wyze account with a different email than what my Amazon (kindle) account is under? This is my first time trying to enable a skill.

I’d make sure first both the Fire and Wyze Cam are up to date.

In the Alexa app you need to do a search to get the Wyze Cam app downloaded into it’s skills.

From there you need to enable it to your Wyze cam account linking it both together.

Then add Device so that Alexa can find your camera.

… more here,


Good Luck

Alexa has some generic capabilities such as discover or show devices that we can just use and release to the public easily. We’d have to implement customized capabilities like pan/tilt which takes much longer to develop. We might add those features in the future if we have enough requests.

Add me as another one interested in these features.

I have a Fire Cube and Wyze Cam Pan, when I give the show command, it attempts to do so but always comes back as an error occured. Any suggestions?

I have Wyze set as a skill and the cam has been discovered.

Any answer for this yet? I know there is another thread out there somewhere. Here are all the things that I have done.

Completely removed devices WYZE.
Removed the skill , removed devices, from Alexa.

Re-added devices to WYZE
Re-added to Alexa
Re-added skill
Still cannot see cameras on show.

Additionally, I turned off another router in AP mode just in case there was some channel interference. (Which caused my harmony extender to have probs btw)

Through the process the Wizard has been vary delayed on adding the cameras. Once on there were no problems but it was quite sluggish to add cameras, usually failing the first time.

Love the cameras please help!