Viewing multiple cameras at once on Amazon Show

I would love for Wyze to create the feature that would allow for the viewing of multiple cameras on another device, like an Amazon Show. I use my cameras as baby nursery cameras and I have multiple children that I watch. And I love the fact that I can pull up my Wyze camera on my Amazon Show in my kitchen, but I would love to 1.) be able to pull up all the cameras at once to see it… and I would love to be able to buy another Amazon Show to keep in my bedroom and use it to view the babies from the bedroom at once as if it was a real baby monitor.


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This is similar to the idea here:


We don’t control the display of Echo Show or FireTV so for the moment, the only thing we can do is to send a single stream. That stream is usually coming straight from a camera.

In order to achieve the mentioned feature, several cameras would have to be composited into a single one. It could be done by the Alexa team and they would ask us for the different stream independently or we would have to create a visual camera and make the compositing ourselves.

While it is technically feasible, I’m not aware of any program on the Alexa side to do so and we do not have this ability for the moment, nor is there any plan that I’m aware.
I agree that it would be a cool feature to have.

thank you


Making the Wyze app compatible with Fire TV / Firesticks would scratch some of this itch. :slight_smile:

Natively, the Amazon Show cannot do this, but you can add the TinyCam Pro app to your Amazon devices (Show, FireTV, Fire tablets, etc.). I purchased this app several years ago for $0.00 when the Amazon App Store gave away free apps each month, but it is well worth paying full price for it.

The TinyCam Pro app allows you to set up 1, 2, 3, or 4 cameras (ANY wifi cameras, even different camera brands in the same view) in a single view. I often view a single camera, or four cameras in a grid, on my TV (using a Fire Stick with the App installed), from my Fire Tablet 8 or my Gen-1 Show.

The TinyCam Pro app does eat a lot of memory, so you will have to reboot the Show or tablet every day or so to clear the cache to prevent it from lag or dropping feed, but it is a small price to pay to view several cameras at the same time.

What? You got TinyCam running on an Echo Show? How?

As far as I understand nothing can be side loaded on a Show and no Amazon apps can be installed either?