Can the Echo Show 15 view camera groups instead of single views?

Hi everyone,

I’m interested in buying an Echo Show 15. I understand it can connect to Wyze cameras. I wanted to know if the Echo Show can view the camera groups which would bring up multiple cameras at once. Has anyone tried this? In the Wyze app you can group multiple cameras at once instead of viewing them individually. This is what I would like to see in the Echo Show 15.

Also, can I leave the camera feed(s) up on the device all the time to act as a monitor? Or doe the view eventually go back to the home screen?

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I don’t have an echo show 15, but maybe @R.Good can provide his experience with the show 15

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Welcome to the forum @marker227.

Unfortunately the Echo Show 15 can only show one camera at a time.

I have been able to stream a camera for hours, but if there is a delay in the network or some excess buffering it has closed and goes back to the Home Screen.

It pretty much operates like the Show 5 and 8, just a bigger screen.

It’s kinda disappointing actually I had hoped for more.
I have a little more info here.

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Thanks for the information!

I asked Amazon Echo support too and they said it would work. Very disappointing they had the wrong info.

@R.Good , My Show 8’s can not bring up a Wyze Cam Group. But have you tried? "Show My Cameras on Echo Show 15? (whatever yours is named). Because on my 8, is brings up four. And above the quad box of 4, it says “< Recently Active Cameras” and See All Cameras >


Hey @Sam_Bam!

I have tried in various ways including PIP but, as far as a group, no.

Are you saying if you create a camera group in Alexa you can call for that group on your Show 8 and it will show up to 4 Cameras?

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No, all you have to do is say “Alexa show me cameras” and it’ll show you 4 random cameras. I’m not sure which ones it chooses to stream but you can view 4 cameras all at the same time on an Echo Show 8 which I’m using.


Hey @R.Good, No, I am not saying that. But I am saying Yes the way @Rulwiz described it. Four random, will populate the screen.

And thank you @Rulwiz, you said it better than I.


Pretty sure I read, “Show my cameras” will display the most active cameras.

Works with most brands of camera, eg my Echo show will display two Wyze and two Blink cams.


Well blow me down… I never knew that. All these years

And it works on the 15 as well.

It doesn’t keep them up for very long but it does in fact show four of the cameras.And as @Breif stated, it looks to be the most used, where I have “favorites” on my Show 15, but the ones it displayed were not the favorites.

Thank you for this information @Sam_Bam and @Rulwiz.

This is pretty cool, but I don’t believe this utility satisfies @marker227 request for selection and longevity.

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Yes, that wouldn’t work well for what I’m looking for. It’s good to know it still supports part of what I’m looking for.

Appreciate the help everyone!

@R.Good, wait, wait, don’t beat yourself up. This new action, Show My Cameras, is not so old. Its relatively new. I remember reading about it a year or so ago on Alexa’s monthly update. And someone told us here about it about the same time. I tried it when I heard about it, but then forgot until last day or so.

Good to know it works on the 15 also. Thanks.


Not sure how Alexa selects the 4 cameras to show if there are more than 4 in the group - BUT - if you want to display YOUR choice of 4, only put the 4 cameras you want displayed in the the “Cameras” group. It will display all 4 - and they will be the 4 you picked.

I used to read these “latest improvements with Alexa and Show”, but lost where the link was. Point is, I saw the original announcement of 4 cameras.

They reported at the time, if there was more than 4, it was the most recent 4 that had been accessed.

That would make sense, but sometimes you never know.

Agreed. They didn’t hint from what tool or app “most recent accessed” was either. So, don’t know if its Show, Wyze, or fireTV or what.

@R.Good , welcome.

I do not think Alexa selects the four as the most used. I think Alexa picks the four dynamically from the most recent viewed on a show, and does not limit it to simply that show.

I understand you need a subscription plan to show cameras in the Echo show 15 , I saw different plans , but I’m not sure which one is the right one. Does any one works?