Cameras on Alexa show

I have the Wyze skill enabled on my Alexa devices. Is there any way to get the Alexa Show to display my Wyze Cameras a a rotating live display on the Show?

The only way I could think that you would be able to achieve this would be to create a timed custom routine that would send the Alexa show a command, Alexa, show me the camera 1, then x time later, Alexa, show me camera 2 and repeat for all cams… but I don’t believe there are timed commands in Alexa routines. I’ll play with some routines and see if this is possible, but take a look as well as I think this would be the only way.

Yes, there is a Wait statement. This could work?

Not sure about the repeating part.

Edit: Yeah it looks as if the only way is to fill it up manually for the first 24 hours and then have the routine repeat daily. Not particularly fun if you want it switching every couple of minutes.

Another reason a Fire tablet is much superior to an Echo Show…

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