Using Wyze Cams with Alexa

Is there an article discussing the use of the Wyzcams with Alexa? I have just ordered the Alexa 4th Gen and understand that the cameras can interface with the system. I have multiple inside and outdoor cameras and would like to integrate them into my Alexa world.

It depends on what Alexa device you have: echo, echo show, fire tablet, firestick, etc, and what Wyze devices you have.

You’ll want to enable the Wyze skill in Alexa and link it to your Wyze account first. There is some information on the Wyze skill page in Alexa skills regarding what you can do.

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It’s functional but sort of limited. One can only view a single camera at a time, usually for only 10 minutes, and there is a significant lag before the stream starts. For multiple camera viewing you are better off with the Wyze app or TinyCam app running on a tablet.

For an occasional “Alexa show me the back door” it’s fine.

Didn’t the implementation of WebRTC streaming remove the 10 minute timeout?

To be honest, I rarely stream more than a minute on my Echo Show, but the one time I tested it for longer than 10 minutes, it appeared to work. (At that time, only the v2 models had implemented it).

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I really don’t know. Reports I’ve read here were mixed and I never let my cameras update their ancient firmware so I can’t test it.

My v2 cameras no longer works with echo show. It tries to connect and gives failure message.

I’ve reported it but get no answer from Wyze.

You should try re-setting, toggling yer settings within Alexa.

My V2s are still wyrkin’ with Alexa Spot, but I find that nearly all the time, I simply use my fon.