Air Purifier - Ability to create a rule to set sleep mode on or off at night time

I bought a second air purifier for my bedroom. The lights are bright at night so I always put it into sleep mode. I wish I could create a rule to automatically set it to Sleep mode at night, and then back to Auto mode in the morning. Ideally I could create this rule with Google Home, but the Wyze app would be OK too.

You can currently create a schedule rule that turns the air purifier to sleep or auto according to that schedule. Let us know if you need help creating such a rule. I’m sure on of the @Mavens will jump in to help.

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You can.

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Did you know you can turn off the LED display in Air Purifier settings?

Regardless, if you wish to automate sleep mode for reduced blower noise in addition to LED disable, you should create 2 rule schedules to ensure foolproof automation regardless of what manual changes someone makes via app or physical control panel. One rule for enabling sleep mode and another rule for enabling auto mode. If you can share with us your definition of “at night” and “in the morning” we can mock up the rules for you to copy. E.g., is “at night” a fixed time in the evening like 10pm? Or a delta from sundown like 2 hours after sunset at your location?


What @Seapup said… You can create a rule to do anything Wyze-related based on:

  • Time of day (including Sunset/Sundown).
  • Another action of a Wyze Device… i.e. person detected on camera, blink lights… front door opens, turn on light.
  • Geolocation … when you leave home… turn off lights, turn off purifier, turn up A/C, lock front door.

That’s exactly what I do with all of mine. I have a rule that just turns the LED off at night. Then I can still leave it on auto. then I have some of them turn the LED back on in the morning.

For at least one of them I have it just switch to sleep mode at night and back to auto in the morning.

Both work really well.


Thank you! I’m not sure how I missed it in the fan speed options. Simply disabling the LED is actually what I want to do. I do now see that in the wyze app rules.

But in the Google home app with the wyze air purifier linked, the LED toggle isn’t available. Any chance that might be added in the future?

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You can request additional Google Home/Assistant commands/features by adding a comment/reply to this wishlist topic:

Google Assistant integration for control and status