Air purifier rule turns on but not off

When I create a rule to turn on the air purifier it never turns off at the end time that I set. Am I missing something or is there a problem with my unit?

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Send a screenshot of your rule please.

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Welcome to the forum @deanl

Your post made me curious so I just tested this as well.
I set the same rule
WAP was off then turned on at set time to Auto.
End Time was set for 5 minutes later but WAP stayed on.

I also tested a rule to turn on to sleep, while the WAP was on Auto, then set the end time to 2 minutes later

The WAP turned to sleep mode at the correct time, then 2 minutes later it did nothing. Stayed on sleep.

I believe that because the rule is To Turn on to Auto, there is no inverse to Auto/Sleep a secondary command to ON… vs. Off. Quite possibly a bug. A good candidate for Fix-it-Friday.

The work around for now as I see it @deanl would be to create 2 rules. One to turn on the desired setting and another to turn off. I’ll see if I can get some eyes on this and/or post in FiF.


I see no way to apply two rules. There is only one start time to apply to one rule.

2 separate scheduled rules like this


Thank you, should have realized that.

Happy to help