Air purifier Does not turn on via Rule

I have set rules to turn on and turn off my air purifier. The turn on works some time but the turn off never works. I always get a beep when it is supposed to turn on, but not when it is supposed to turn off.

Can you post images of your Rules so we can see what you are doing?

Thanks, you should not include the Turn Off option in the same rule like this.

You can uncheck the Turn Off and the Air Purifier will revert back to the state before the rule kicked in. Basically, your Rule turns on the AP from 7:10pm to 10pm. At 10pm, the AP should then Turn off as that was the state before your rule kicked in.


You modify this rule with a 7:10 start time for turning it on to Auto mode. Do not add the turn off.

Then set another rule at 10pm to turn it off.

Hope this makes sense.


I have now written 2 rules—one to turn on the air filter and one to turn off. It does now work.

The mental challenge I had was creating a rule to set a start time to “start” a command to “turn off”.

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