Air Cleaner Rule

Is there a way to setup a rule to start on manual turbo to run all night? We need the cleaning but also use the noise for sleep.

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No rules for Turbo Mode but…

If you go into the Air Purifier Main Screen and Click on Manual at the bottom you can lock the device to Turbo Mode and set it to run for 8 or a custom amount of hours.

You can also visit the Wyze Wishlist and request this capability


Already there in the above Wishlist. :slight_smile:


My smart home runs on Hubitat Elevation. I have a Tuya Fingerbot attached to the air purifier to change fan speeds with a rule.

These little things are amazing. I have one actuating each key fob that locks the vehicles at 9pm. Being a mechanic, cannibalizing a remote and programming it to the car was easy.

The delay is because Google has to send the command to the HE hub, then the HE hub sends a command to the Fingerbot.


Very cool! thumbsup