Schedule Automatic Manual Filter Modes

Does anyone have the use case to enable manual speed settings on the air filter based on the schedule feature within the app? It looks like auto, night, and LED features are available but not any of the manual controls.

I do this with Alexa.

The air purifier works with Alexa and allows us to use all the following actions:

So you can use a schedule or rule triggers to change the manual speed.

For me, personally, I have a motion sensor near my toddlers’ diaper changing station and diaper pail that when it detects motion, it turns the air purifier speed to TURBO until the motion is clear for X minutes. :rofl: It’s been a lifesaver for my sanity.

I wish this was possible to do with Wyze rules directly, but I am at least grateful that I can do it for free with the Wyze Alexa Skill (I believe no extra Alexa devices are needed, just the Alexa app and Wyze Alexa Skill).