Air Purifier - Allow configuring "Auto" setting to avoid the very loud "TURBO" speed

Currently the Auto setting allows all of the various speed settings to activate when it is engaged, including the “TURBO” speed which is quite loud and annoying to be in the same room with. It would be a significant improvement if the Auto setting could be configured to limit which speeds are activated automatically.

The current workaround of manually setting a lower speed is not adequate.

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Great suggestion.


But if your AQI was high enough to activate Turbo mode, wouldn’t you want it to clean the air as quickly as possible?

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No, absolutely 100% not. I never want the incredibly loud Turbo mode to activate, not ever. I need the device positioned rather close to me, and it fills the entire room with a sound like a jet engine when Turbo activates.

I would like to expand this request to include allowing the user to configure the AQI point at which each fan speed is triggered. I don’t want to wait for the air to become “unhealthy” before the fan bumps up to level 2. For example, I might like to set fan level 2 at 25 AQI, fan level 3 at 50 AQI, etc. The original poster of this wish could just set the “turbo” fan speed at an impossibly high AQI to keep it from ever coming on (unless their house was filled with smoke).

Taking this a step further … the auto mode currently works like a thermostat, effectively keeping the AQI around one of the set breakpoints. That is not really what you want for air purification. It is also distracting to have the fan cycle up and down as the AQI bounces between 49 and 51, for example. Consider implementing AQI ranges such that when the AQI hits a certain breakpoint (say 50), the fan bumps up a level and stays there until the AQI is brought down to some lower setting (say 25). That would make the Wyze air purifier truly smarter than all the other air purifiers on the market with an auto mode. It would stand superior!

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how about when you leave the house or apartment? If the air quality was bad enough to warrant high speed fan to clean up their air, perhaps then? Or would your pets go bonkers?