Wyze Air Filter

If the Wyze air filter can detect when a filter needs to be changed, why can’t it detect when a new filter is installed?

The purifier calculates the filters remaining life based on time, fan setting, and AQI. It cant actually check how dirty the filter is.

When replacing the filter, you can reset it with:

Press and hold the Power button and Auto Mode button until the air purifier beeps and the Filter Replacement Indicator starts flashing. The Filter Replacement Indicator will stop flashing to indicate that it has been reset.


What is the life of the filter ? I activated my air Purifier on August 11, 2022. Its in a bedroom, no smoke, says clean air in history for last two months. runs on auto. Today its says i need to replace soon. Down to 5%. How can this only last two months?


Depends on the filter . The allergen is 6-12 months . Formaldehyde is 5-12 months , and the wildfire is 4-12 months .

You say it’s running on auto for the last 2 months ? Has it been running completely on auto for the entire 2 months ?

I would get a vacuum and pull the filter out and vacuum the outside of the filter and insert it back in and reset the filter life in the app . It’ll take it back to 100%

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It is a allergen filter, yes running on auto since i activate the unit. I will pull it , vacuum and the reset the unit. Thanks

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If it’s been running on auto for an entire 2 months that may be to blame . Because auto is automatically detecting any particle change so it will change the fan speed thus reducing the filter life .

Maybe since it’s in your room and your away you didn’t hear that it was running a higher fan speed , maybe when you’re cooking or a pet got into your room for a bit , or you left your window open ?

The particle laser sensor is VERY sensitive. Theirs been times when I’m upstairs in my room and my gf is cooking downstairs and my air purifier running on auto will detect the Particle change and ramp up the fan speed automatically.

Best advice I can give you is to vacuum the filter from the outside and reset the filter life percentage . Turn on return to clear air in the unit settings (which id basically geo fencing) the unit will turn on when you’re arriving home and turn off when you’re away from home .

Also set a rule to set the unit to sleep when you’re sleeping of course .

This will reduce the unit running and help the filter life percentage .

Remember the filter life all depends on the usage , fan speed , and the air quality in your house . All that comes into play.

Mine is at 83% and has been running since September 19 2022

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Great advice rulwiz :slight_smile:

Yea, generally when it tells you to replace the filter that’s just for best performance. If you know it didn’t get too much use, then you can just clean it out and reset

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Also, the take the filter out and vacuum it tip isn’t just for rare use, You want to do that at least every 2 months, to remove the fur and fuzz and stuff that will clog it up. It’s on page 15 of the guide that comes with it.

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I’m having the same issue. My AQI is normally below 10 and being on Auto the fan speed is mostly on low. So with these conditions a two month filter life is ridiculous, considering how expensive they are. And the fact that they can’t be cleaned with water and are thrown away just adds more trash to the landfill.

I ordered my first back in April in the preorder, scheduled for sleep mode 9 pm to 5 am, auto outside that. After the first few days aqi is usually down into the single digits, unless something like bacon is being cooked. I take out and vacuum off the filter when I remember to every couple of months, because that was somewhere in the instructions. I only got the replace filter light coming on a week or 2 ago.

I never saw anything in the instructions saying to vacuum the filter.

on vacuuming the filter, it’s on page 15 of the “quick start guide” that comes with it:
Use the brush or hose attachment of a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, hair, lint and other particles from the outside of the filter. Never use water… … We recommend cleaning the filter every 2 months.

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It’s actually on page 12

It can be found here @Resist


I was referring to the paper copy that came with mine. Apparently there are at least 2 versions of the guide