New Air Purifier App Symbol?

Just noticed a new symbol for my Air Purifier home page on the App. It’s on the inside of the AQI ring. What does it mean?


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Filter life remaining is approaching the “low” state:


Well, I’ve never seen this amber inner circle thing before nor is it on the display on my air purifier.

I’ve only had this thing running a few months and so it’s telling me it’s almost time to replace the filter? It’s always been on the lowest fan speed and my AQI has mostly been below 10, so it seems like the filter could have gone at least the full 6 months, probably longer.

How’s your experience been with the air purifier ?

Which filter did you buy ?

I never saw it either until my filter life remaining hit 20-25%. It’s not a function of the physical air purifier or display.

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There is no way my filter life should be almost over. The AQI on the purifier has rarely been over 10 most of the time it’s been under 5. Clearly then Wyze needs to come up with a better way to determine filter life.

Wyze app Home > your Air Purifier > Settings > Filter Management > Filter Type

What’s yours read?

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I got the allergen and wild fire filter. But honestly I’m not that impressed with the purifier because the app does not work as Wzye advertised it. Wyze shows a picture of the graph page on the app where it shows a dot, which indicates an AQI, every hour which does not happen and never happened. It’s false advertising. Plus I don’t like that we can only buy the filters from them.

It says 20%, but it’s impossible that it’s dirty already. Wyze bases this on time and not air flow (and fan speed setting). So I could literally disconnect the fan motor and after the set time has passed the app would say the filter needs replacing.

Sounds like your air purifier is working very well. If your home normally has that AOI value, why would you be running a purifier?

If you think the filter life value is bogus, just run through the filter reset procedure to set it back to 100% filter life remaining and see what happens to your indoor AQI over the next 3-4 months. I ran this test and was surprised.

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Well, I didn’t know the air quality in my home was this low prior to getting this product. But like the idea of keeping it running because I have a pet.

Resetting it removed the amber inner ring thing. Thanks!

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Since the product is still newer, there arent many if any after market filters. Others will start making them as soon as they find it can make them money. Though they may not be as high quality and im not sure i would trust that for my air…


Xiaomi sells replacement filters that supposedly fit, but they’re usually sold out. Global supply and shipping issues.


How did Wyze advertise it ?

I think I read something about this , and that Wyze is working on . Maybe @carverofchoice might have more insight ?

Yea I didn’t like that part either , especially with shipping . It adds up , it would be nice if Wyze teamed up with Home Depot or something and had the filters for sale at the physical stores so we can buy them ourselves instead of having to order online and wait for them to arrive

Another thing I’ve noticed is that wyze has stated that the filters should last 6 months but that all depends on your usage , fan settings , etc. i was a bit turned off by that bc i have 2 dogs and an older home so I feel like my filters would be used up pretty quick and I don’t wanna be spending money constantly buying new filters

The AQI graph thing is a fix it friday bug, and they are working on fixing it.

For filter life, its pretty standard. They just go bad. If you clean them out with a vacuum, you can extend the life but its never gunna be as good as a new one.

This is verifiably not the way it works. I started 3 filters on the same day. If the above stated process was correct then all 3 would still be at the exact same life/percentage and they are not. One just barely hit 0%, another at 45% and another at 77%. Again, they were all started at the same time and have all been “ON” the whole time. If it was solely based on TIME, then they’d all have the same percentage. Since they do not all have the same percentage, but have all been active the same amount of time, then obviously the filter life HAS TO involve another factor like the AQI levels or fan speed settings, etc. It is verifiably not based on time alone.


So it all depends on usage , fan settings , room measurements , etc ?

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Yup, exactly as it should. If your air quality is lower, the filter will not last as long. if you run it more often, the filter will not last as long.

Most cheaper air purifiers do just use a timer, im glad wyze didnt go with that approach.

Not quite exactly a bug, they did say it is working the way it was intended y to work, but they did show s photo of it working a different way and many want that feature so they are doing it and are hoping for a release in a month or so if everything goes well.


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