Display Screen on the NEW Air Purifier

Can you tell me what the numbers stand for on the display screen on your Smart Air Purifier?


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The 3-digit number is the indoor Air Quality Index (AQI). More info can be found on the Wyze Support pages:

Wyze Air Purifier




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Some more info… The Air Purifier support pages and Quick Start Guide currently cover everything except Wyze app display details. Here’s a quick rundown:

The app displays the indoor air quality data via the inner circle. The inner circle’s border color and data match the physical device panel’s display data.

The app also displays the outdoor air quality via the halo color surrounding the inner circle.

In this example, both indoor and outdoor air quality are Good:

In this example, indoor air quality is Moderate and outdoor air quality is Good. Informational messages are displayed above the indoor/outdoor AQI area. This example is lets you know that while outdoor AQI is Good, pollen levels are Bad (pollen is not factored into the EPA’s AQI index calculation):

Wondering what the red bar and shield is? It indicates that filter life remaining is low:

To view outdoor AQI pollutant details, outdoor pollen levels and indoor historical data, tap on the Insights icon (light bulb, upper right corner):


My app’s AQI does not match my display of my unit. My display seems to be quit fast updating (good job on real time PPM scanning and displaying) however, my app has not changed from 1 AQI a single time yet. While my AQI is between 1-5 on the units display. (on android with latest firmware)

The app AQI may have a slight delay compared to the device display. I.e., while the device display of AQI is always real-time, the app AQI is not. App AQI needs either time or differential for a dynamic AQI “pull”. I’m not sure what the threshold values are set to.

Wyze Air Purifier FAQ

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As mentioned by others, I’ve run my unit for 4 days straight now. The unit display alternates constantly between 1 to 5.
The app? Always sitting on 17. My unit hasn’t ever registered that high, but the app does always. So it’s more than a slow response time unless they are referring to slow in weeks.
PS Yes I have access to it in my app. I can turn it on, off, auto etc. just fine.

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I’ve experienced the same thing. Plus, the AQI only updates around once an hour, not sure how Wyze though that made any sense, because it does is make the information old and useless. Other than being able to turn the purifier on/off and change the fan speed, it’s a joke.