Air Purifier Insights shows wrong info?

The data in the Insights page doesn’t seem to line up with actual outdoor conditions.


Have to question which one is actually wrong. And, where they do the measurements .

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I’m having a similar issue. All Wyze pollutant levels are showing green but the air quality for the last 10 hours has been unbelievably bad.

We have many forest fires in close proximity and you can pretty much cut the air with a knife the smoke is so thick, our pm2.5 has been well over 400 since yesterday. Visibility is maybe 100 meters (330 feet) at the most. My purpleair monitor in the back yard, and the local government agency’s air quality station, are both off the charts for pm2.5 and pm10, yet the purifier is showing green. I’m not sure where Wyze is getting its data, but it definitely doesn’t jive with our current reality :man_shrugging:t2:

Does anyone know where Wyze is getting the pollutant data?

Interestingly, this morning the stats seem to correspond with local conditions :man_shrugging:t3:. Strange that they have randomly come up to date.

and 3 hours later, the Wyze numbers are showing significant improvement in AQI but in reality, the actual AQI in the area has gotten worse.