Air purifier no stats

My air purifier shows no AQ data in the app. It was working for a while and now it does not.

To be honest, this is my third or fourth unit that Wyze replaced. The first two were for WiFi connectivity issues after a month or two and the last one was I believe the AQ data.

WiFi connectivity has been fine but now, again, the AQ data isn’t there.

I’m on Wyze App 2.42.0 (14)
Log #1041018
Purifier FW

I’m seeing activity from the unit to Wyze. Nothing blocked.

Edit: Even though there was activity from the unit making callouts throughout the day, no AQ data was logged in the graph. After power cycling the purifier, the graph eventually was populated with new data. Is this normal behavior with these units?

Mine seems to be working. Guess the only thing you can do is keep having them replace it. But I feel your pain, I’ve had a lot of issues with Wyze products. And their mission is to release more and more products, instead of focusing on fixing what they currently have.

The AP was replaced several times but it’s behaving good now albeit the AQ stats sometimes. I only lurk the stats occasionally and most of the time they are there. So I’m ok with the product. The AP is quite good IMO overall — at least the primary function, to clean the air. :slight_smile: