New air purifier shows very different AQI

I just set up my new air purifier and plugged it in right next to my other one to do the setup. It is reading a higher AQI by 40-50 points. Before and after the software update. They are both running wildfire filters. The first one being 3 weeks old. This is making me worried that my first air purifier is faulty. Anyone else have this issue? I have had my first one for about a year, and it has been very consistent, and senses well when we cook or blow out a candle, etc. Has anyone else seen this issue?

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You are supposed to have the purifier about a foot from the wall. There are intake vents on the back as well. Wonder if the numbers would change if you put them the same distance from the wall and about a foot apart


Good thought. I tried that and no change.
Made some microwave popcorn and both ramped up about 50 points but maintained the same differential. Now they are back down to their original levels. 40-50 difference.

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I have done the same test and saw a big difference as well. Could be there are more particles in the air behind the units, even a foot apart. I’m thinking the calibration of the sensors will never be exact, but in your situation, it’s showing a big difference. Try rebooting them both, by unplugging and plugging back in.

Good luck to you if you have a subscription for filter replacement, Seems they are always backordered … WHY WYZE ??? Do Better Please

I solved my issue a while back but forgot to post. On my older unit, the small air intake on the back of the unit for the laser sensor was almost full of dust. After cleaning it off with a vacuum, the 2 units read very close AQIs. Remember to clean the sensor intake periodically. :grin: