Purifier Going Nuts

I’ve had the Purifier for about a year and love everything about it. It’s in my basement office.

Woke up this morning to start working and heard a loud noise. AQI is ~130-150+, fan is auto, so it’s cranked. AQI was not being logged on the app and said 3.

Typically I see 1-10 unless we are cooking or there’s a wildfire. Never seen AQI this high. There are no smells, smoke, or any other odd things going on. It is our miller moth season and I’ve caught about a half dozen in the house. Only thing I can think of that is unusual.

I followed all troubleshooting including resetting the unit + WiFi. I have a support case opened but was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and had it resolved.

It’s common for AQI to go up a lot higher at night and early morning (cool temps trap pollutants to stay low to the ground and seep into our houses more.

The app AQI doesn’t update in real time, there is an interval period that causes a delay. I don’t know how often it updates, but it isn’t always the exact number being detected by the particle laser sensor because that would overwhelm the servers and cost a lot of money.

I am inclined to tell you that the Air Purifier was definitely detecting some kind of particles in the air. I can’t say what, but my guesses would be: extra Humidity (humidifiers cause this, someone taking a shower recently, maybe your sprinklers were running recently, rain?), consider changing the filter on your HVAC? Something else could be issuing some kind of particles into the air nearby. Could be a number of other things. It’s not necessarily ALWAYS “bad” air either, like I said with the humidifiers, showers, etc. But any particles in the air for any reason. I guess keep an eye on it and try to pay attention to anything that could have particles in the air recently. All we really know is that the particle laser sensor says there were a bunch of particles in the air over there for some reason. That’s basically all that the AQI number means.

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If you’re in the states, there is a wildfire in Canada that is currently blanketing most of the north/ central usa with smoke. Even if you can’t smell it, it’s still there.


Keeping on eye on it over the weekend and the levels dropped dramatically on Sat with Apple weather’s AQI number falling. And has increased this morning with that number increasing.

So I believe this is the result of air quality and I just have yet to experience anything like this. The Purifier was overwhelmed and it was uncomfortable to be in the room with it, but it was trying to do its job! Which I appreciate.

What remains concerning is that the Wyze app “Insights” page is lagging and has incorrect info which is what prevented me from seeing the air issue. If that page had indicted high outdoor PM2.5/10 I would have immediately known there was an issue without resorting to third party info.

The data logging on this page is also inconsistent and delayed. It would seem the app is only good for real-time reporting from the Purifier.