Air Purifier Confusing AQI Readings

I do not understand how the air purifier sensor works. Maybe I have a defective one.

The “AQI” number on the front seems to go up and down rather randomly/arbitrarily. It’s always floating somewhere between 70 and 160 and it doesn’t seem to ever get lower. Is my house really just that much of a mess? We’ve put the unit in two very different rooms for a day with the same results.

I’ve kept it a decent distance from the wall. I have messy young kids and a golden retriever (a main factor in getting the purifier), but we’ve tried putting it where the kids and dog don’t go with the same results.

The readings don’t make much sense and I don’t know if it’s even helping or not. Really frustrating experience so far and I’m not sure if I should try to return for another unit or what.

Anyone experienced something similar or somehow have an answer for me?

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My unit generally is in the 001-014 range if we aren’t cooking or cleaning. But, when we do introduce contaminates, the unit reacts very quickly and raises the fan level accordingly. There can be several reasons for the unit to detect these mid to high range contamination levels. If possible, and I know it’s kinda crazy to have to, you could bring it over to someone else’s house to see if it does the same thing. Please post a screenshot of your Indoor AQI History dot graph on the Insights screen in the meantime.


My AQI graph is chaos because I keep playing with the settings. (Wish you could see more than a 24 hour window)

  • At night we’ve put it on sleep mode and the AQI floats up as high as over 200.
  • When manually left on Turbo for hours, the AQI does actually fall to sub-10.
  • When left on Auto, the lowest it seems to go is around 55-60. I guess I don’t know what Auto is supposed to do.
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Auto will just automatically change the speed based on AQI. From 1-49 it will run on the slowest speed at 50 the speed bumps up. I am not sure of the other bump points at the time of writing this but I will track them down and update this post. The AQI may float up on sleep mode because it forces it to stay in the slowest speed.


The AQI continues to confuse me.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the AQI now consistently floats around sub-10 with little effort from the fan. Did my house magically get way cleaner - or was there some sort of update to the firmware somehow?

I don’t know what to think about this thing. It makes no sense to me.

AQI being higher at night is fairly normal as I explain here:

Sleep mode just keeps the fan on low (and display off), so that it doesn’t disturb someone sleeping.

If LED display and fan speed going higher at night doesn’t matter for someone, I recommend basically always leaving it on auto. There are countless things (90% of which are not visible to our eyesight) that make a difference on the AQI, but auto will increase or decrease the speed based on the current needs.

Having low AQI is a really good thing though. :+1:


Great explanation carver

My AQI in my room would be around 1-30 during the day and then at night go up to 50-100 at times . I was wondering why it jumped at night time

This explained it well


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The last month or so since it’s gotten colder and drier here (Buffalo NY and I’ve introduced ultrasonic humidifiers) both of my Wyze air purifiers are constantly kicking into high and rarely go below 100… They usually are between 140s to 160s. I have another air purifier by another company that is behaving normally. Prior to this they all tended to notice the same contaminants and pretty much be at the same levels. Anyone else run into this? I know my air quality cannot be that bad. Normally I’m 0-teens. I also have a high performance 413CBN Aprilaire filter on my HVAC. New filter.

Why are these things constantly kicking into turbo ???

I’m having the same issue, Purifier has been on for +24 hours and ranging between 60-170 regardless for hours. Turbo mode does seem to help but the reading tends to come up shortly. I thought it was a reading issue so I tried cleaning the back of the device but it didn’t really help other than driving the read to 200+ for a few seconds. This didn’t use to happen before with this device on this same location. I’m also wondering if it’s a technical issue.

@WyzeJasonJ any ideas on this? There’s no way my home is constantly in 200+ - I have a high performance filter system on my hvac and a b rand new filter. Would mineralization in the water vapor from a humidifier cause high readings? I’ve never had it trigger other air purifiers.

The water vapor alone from a humidifier would cause that, water vapor is something in the air that will cause the AQI reading to go up.

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Cleaning the filter as described in the FAQ helped a bit, but Auto mode isn’t powerful enough to keep AQI below 50 even over longer periods of time in a small room.

I dont understand the AQI deal. I have two purifiers and they both show different AQI numbers and they are only a room apart. This is the external number, correct?

The AQI you see on the air purifier is a representation of the number of Airborne Particulate Matter (PM) that the laser in the back of the Air Purifier hit/detected. This can differ a little even between rooms for a number reasons, including airflow, ventilation, pollution sources, temperature differences, humidity, and air pressure. For example, if one room has more windows or doors open than the other room, then it will have more ventilation and less pollution than the other room. Similarly, if one room has more pollution sources such as smoking or cooking than the other room, then it will have a higher AQI than the other room.

In addition, air movement associated with infiltration and natural ventilation is caused by air temperature differences between indoors and outdoors and by wind. Different sizes, ventilation, air fresheners, perfume, using spray deodorants, showers, humidifiers, different temperatures, and numerous other variables can make a significant difference. Many of the above things can cause a difference in AQI between two nearby rooms in the same house. It’s totally normal to have some variability. Use the Air Purifiers where you need them most. They’ll help you figure out which areas have the biggest AQI needs.


Thank you so much for your response. Makes a lot more sense now. Really do appreciate it.

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