Air Purifier Replacement Filters?

My formaldehyde filter is quickly approaching replacement time. I recall seeing somewhere that a filter replacement subscription was in the works - do we have any idea when that is going to become available?

I’ve also been watching the filter replacement purchase page, and the formaldehyde filter has been sold out for some time now. I’d like to buy a new one to have on-hand when it’s time to replace mine - any idea when these might be back in stock?

Don’t replace the filter based on Wyze’s time based algorithm. It should be based on amount of use and fan speed. Just wipe down the outside to remove larger particles and keep it going for another few months.

But no, no one at Wyze knows when they will have filters back in stock. Heck they can’t even get the purifier back in stock, I’ve been waiting for a warranty replacement for over a month now.